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Path of Building Community v1.4.170.22: 3.13 Passive Tree

Content of the article: "Path of Building Community v1.4.170.22: 3.13 Passive Tree"


Hey everyone, a new update is out with full support for the new passive tree and fixes for yesterdays bugs with the skill gem screen plus some other issues.

3.13 Launch Information

The 3.13 launch will have a lot less for us to do compared to previous updates so I'll hopefully try to get it all done in the 3 or so hours between the patching server going up and the league going live.

If you want to watch me working on PoB, see all the new maven mods or other GGG secrets before Poe.db is updated I'll be streaming it over on Twitch.


Since we've made quite a few updates with no Reddit posts, some of the more important recent additions include:

  • Add performance improvements where PoB will no longer use excess CPU when in the background
  • Guard skills rework
    • You can only have one Guard skill active at a time now
    • Vaal Molten Shell automatically disables all other Guard skills
    • Guard skills scale with Buff Effect
    • EHP calculations take Guard skills into account
  • Multi-stage skills rework
    • Add skill stages box to the sidebar and calcs tab
    • Remove existing skill stages config options and pre-defined stages
    • Enable Penance Brand to automatically use the "Activations per Brand" number
    • Fix Winter Orb damage calculations
  • Add support for skills granted by passive tree nodes
  • Add full support for Weapon and Armour Quality modifiers
  • Add tooltips to skill gem selection drop-down

  • Add 3.13 passive skill tree ( ppoelzl )

  • Changes to Ascendancies:

    • Add support for Deadeye's Gale Force mechanic ( AlphaCheese )
    • Add support for Deadeye's Rupture mechanic ( uilman )
    • Add support for Elementalist's Heart of Destruction Notable ( uilman )
    • Add support for Elementalist's Mastermind of Discord Notable ( uilman )
    • Add support for Elementalist's Shaper Notables ( quote_a )
    • Add support for Inquisitor's reworked Notables ( uilman )
  • Add support for Battlemage mechanic ( Nostrademous )

  • Add support for Blackflame's unique mechanics ( quote_a )

  • Add support for all basic aegides ( Regisle )

  • Add various improvements to the accuracy of maximum hit and EHP calcs ( Regisle )

  • Add option to show all Alternate Quality skill gems in the skill gem selection dropdown ( Wires77 )

  • Add stat comparisons to Alternate Quality skill gems on hover ( Wires77 )

  • Add support for various new mods ( AlphaCheese )

  • Add all known new uniques ( ppoelzl )

  • Update Far Shot to new scale ( uilman )

  • Fix Elemental Equilibrium applying twice if you have Malachai's Artifice equipped ( Wires77 )

  • Fix stat differences between Cluster Jewel Notables not showing up ( Wires77 )

  • Fix Large Cluster Jewels not importing correctly in some cases ( Wires77 )

  • Fix Alternate Quality skill gems staying at their default Quality on copy/paste ( Wires77 )

  • Fix Anomalous Flesh and Stone Alternate Quality effect ( benjaminysmall )

  • Fix base type mods that were inadvertently removed ( Wires77 )

  • Fix craftable flask mods having disappeared ( Wires77 )

  • Fix crafting tags showing up on multiline mods ( Wires77 )

  • Fix skill gem tooltip not showing when hovering over the skill gem selection dropdown ( uilman )

  • Fix error where skill gem controls were selectable before a skill gem was set ( Wires77 )

  • Fix Dark Pact radius ( ppoelzl )

  • Fix mod on Unending Hunger ( ppoelzl )

  • Add support for Hierophant's reworked Conviction of Power Notable ( Nostrademous )

  • Add support for Hand of the Fervent's unique mechanic ( Nostrademous )

  • Add support for "Physical Damage taken from Hits" ( wjdeclan )

  • Update Disintegrator and Martyr of Innocence ( Wires77 )

  • Fix Shaper of Flames/Winter/Storms more effect not being accounted for in left-hand side calculation ( Nostrademous )

  • Fix parsing of Deadeye's Rupture Notable ( ppoelzl )

  • Fix parsing of Inquisitor's Instruments of Virtue and Righteous Providence Notables ( uilman )

  • Fix effective hit points calculations when you take 100% of damage as a different type of damage ( Regisle )

  • Fix errors occurring when hovering over gem tooltips ( uilman )

  • Fix damage taken on block calcs breakdown ( benjaminysmall )

  • Fix mod on Follow-Through Medium Cluster Jewel ( wjdeclan )

  • Fix usage limit on Hazardous Research ( wjdeclan )

  • Fix build files growing exponentially if there is a colon at the start of an item's name ( Wires77 )

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