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Path of Building Community v1.4.170.26: 3.13 Uniques


A new update is out with support for the new uniques, belt enchantments and also fixes a number of bugs.

We're currently getting close to adding URI support (clicking on a Pastebin link for a build will auto open it in PoB) and also support for our own build sharing website so we are not reliant on Pastebin anymore.

The next update after this one will have us switch to a new, three-part version number system. E.g. starting with version number 2.3.4:

  • an increment to 2.3.5 meaning bug fixes only
  • an increment to 2.4.0 meaning new backwards-compatible features
  • an increment to 3.0.0 meaning breaking changes.

The next version number will be 2.0.0, although without any breaking changes. In the next update, there will be no build planning features or bug fixes, only general application improvements.


  • Add control to set Vaal Timeless Jewel influenced passive skills to random mods ( Wires77 )
  • Add all new uniques in game patch 3.13.0 ( Nostrademous , ppoelzl )
  • Add support for the following uniques:
    Arn's Anguish
    Graven's Secret
    Olesya's Delight
  • Add Flickershade Spectre ( Kayella )
  • Add support for "Cobra Lash Chains additional times" helmet enchantment ( Puddlestomper )
  • Add Belt Enchantments to Item Crafting from Harvest improved Offering to the Goddess Uber Lab runs. Not all modifiers parse yet, but most do ( Nostrademous )
  • Add Elevated Affixes to Item Crafting ( Nostrademous )
  • Add support for Blizzard Crown implicit ( Nostrademous )
  • Add support for Brutal, Affliction and Absorption Charge (damage recoup from Absorption Charges is not supported) conversion from Endurance, Frenzy, Power charges via Unique Belts ( Nostrademous )
  • Add support for 'On Scorched Ground' in Config Tab when using Legacy of Fury unique boots ( Nostrademous )
  • Add support and extraction of 'Thirst for Blood' unique ability from Jack, the Axe unique ( Nostrademous )
  • Add support for Doppelgänger's insane/sane specification via Config Tab ( Nostrademous )
  • Add support for Goblinedge Power/Frenzy charge interaction ( ppoelzl )
  • Add limit cap to Replica Nebulis unique ( Wires77 )
  • Add parsing support for Anomalous Minion Life ( ALT-F-X )
  • Updated Max Awakening Level for Sirus to scale to 9 achievable through Atlas Passives ( quote_a )
  • Add support for Phantasmal Ancestral Protector ( ALT-F-X )
  • Add support for impale from spells ( Wires77 )
  • Add support for Phantasmal Might from The Black Cane ( Wires77 )
  • Add support for Shield Shatter on Shattershard ( Wires77 )
  • Add support for automatic chill from Summon Skitterbots ( quote_a )
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  • Fix Timeless Jewel passives not accounting for past skill tree versions ( Wires77 )
  • Fix Spectre stats scaling with Spectre level using incorrect values ( zao )
  • Fix mod ranges on Legacy of Fury ( Nostrademous )
  • Fix Endurance/Frenzy/Power charges missing for Minions ( Wires77 )
  • Fix multiple crashes in the skills tab related to gem quality ( Nostrademous ) ( ALT-F-X )
  • Corrected enforcement of Minion Skill level requirements ( zao )
  • Fix Enduring Cry's Life Regen calculation ( tommysays )
  • Fix Ancestral Cry's Armor increase calculation ( tommysays )
  • Fix Divergent Minion Damage to be an "Increase" instead of "More" as it should have been ( Wires77 )
  • Fix accounting for Abyssal Jewels in Offhand Slots ( zao )
  • Updated Replica Alberon's Warpath chaos damage gain per strength to new value ( RUSshy )
  • Fix Flame Wall's secondary not being affected by Area Damage ( Wires77 )
  • Fix Impale Support and Divergent Fortify application of Physical Damage Reduction ( Wires77 )
  • Fix '+1 to Maximum Summon Ballista Totems' to not also increase the allowed count of Ancestral Totems ( Wires77 )
  • Fix Disintegrator to include Block Attack Damage on Ritual variant ( Wires77 )
  • Fix Offering to the Serpent unique gloves stat attributes ( PJacek )
  • Fix Cameria's Avarice unique mace to state "on Hit" rather than "on Kill"( ALT-F-X )
  • Fix Phantasmal Smite quality bonus ( ALT-F-X )
  • Updated many Configuration Tab tooltips to display updated values ( zao )
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