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Path of Building Community v1.4.170.8: 3.12 Passive Tree


Update is out for the new passive tree. Not all the new nodes are properly supported. For the moment that includes Doom, the new Fire / Cold / Lightning ailment effect, but we'll endeavour to get it done by league launch along with a bunch of other features.

Some of the nodes have an spelling error in them from the JSON file that they gave us. I'll fix them in a patch shortly after this post goes live. (Some nodes had DNT in them, Iron grip had a word misspelled and Warcry recovery nodes have had their wording changed which broke support)

For notable tree changes, the Glancing Blows keystone has moved so it is not able to be allocated with Thread of Hope from the Templar Jewel socket. Also GGG have changed the Unbreakable Juggernaut node to be 0.2% regen, we're not sure if this is a bug or intentional.

If you find bugs that were introduced in this patch create a bug report on GitHub or let me know here.

3.12 Launch Information

Due to technical patch 3.11.2, Path of Exile's file structure changed significantly.

As of the time of this post, the 3rd-party tool development community has not figured out the full extent of these changes.

Many features in PoB depend on data-mining game files, which we are currently unable to do. This affects skill gems, item bases, cluster jewels, crafting mods and more.

GGG are aware of the situation and are working with us to resolve it. However, don't expect any advances soon, as they are understandably busy with the new league.


  • Add support for 3.12 Tree
  • Add proper support for Carrion Golem
  • Add support for Ancient Waystone unique ( wjdeclan )
  • Add support for +1 gems on Awakened Blasphemy ( RuriRyan )
  • Add configurable charges for Minions ( Wires77 )
  • Add support to generate mods for Skin of the Lords ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Add Redemption Knight spectre
  • Add Baranite Preacher spectre
  • Add Templar Tactician spectre ( Kayella )
  • Add Scinteel Synthete spectre ( tgavankar )
  • Add support for Non-Channelling Mana cost
  • Fix crash when trying to add support gems to any spell while having "Gain no inherent bonuses from Attributes" ( Wires77 )
  • Fix crash related to Minion Critical Strike Chance
  • Fix mods on several uniques ( Peter Pölzl )
  • Fix current Shock note not showing in Shock effect breakdown for attack builds ( quote_a )
  • Fix Second Wind CDR numbers
  • Fix stats on Enhanced Vaal Fallen, Baranite Thaumaturge, Baranite Sister
  • Fix Life regen not showing properly in the sidebar and calcs page( Regisle )
  • Fix top node power calculations ( Wires77 )


If you want to download our fork, head here:

If you're interested in contributing to the fork, head here:

If you want to suggest a feature to add, head here:


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