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Path of Exile 3.12 – Shapeshifting speculation again

Content of the article: "Path of Exile 3.12 – Shapeshifting speculation again"

Disclaimer: This is my take on an already discussed matter.

People are so focused in trying to discover the league mechanic that they forget the league brings so much more to the table.

The league gimmick might be related with the new content or not, but regardless it might be even more interesting than the gimmick itself.

A bit of context/speculation,

I think that when Chris said in Baeclast about how they draw inspiration from a movie from ‘x’ year, they either meant from the 90’s or a specific decade, or that when we think about 1986 as being the specific year because of Little Shop of Horrors and Harvest, we might be wrong, and the year might be 1990,1995 or even 1992 instead (less likely).

So that would mean that Harvest draws inspiration from another movie, remember it doesn’t have to be an exact 1:1 replica.

It could very much be a movie about a garden/field and from there the sky is the limit.

So, lets see, top movies from 1990 and 1995, or even 1992 (less likely) that might relate somehow or given inspiration to Harvest:

1990: Tremors (has monsters mix of plants and animals), The Guardian (not precisely top but has a Hamadryad in the plot)

1992: Seedpeople (not precisely top)

1995: Jumanji (has pods monsters), Species

So if the year is in fact not 1986, and is 1990 or 1995, or they meant 90s, the amount of possibilities becomes wider.

Given how little teasers we've got so far, we can only rely on info that can’t be misinterpreted or facts.


  1. The league name gives it away.
  2. Is not a common word.
  3. It’s easy to write by mistake. (?)
  4. It differs from existing core content.
  5. Developers liked the same thing with a variation.
  6. Probably something else I forgot.

So even if it’s not the entire league gimmick, I think this league might introduce shapeshifting, the technology is likely there, the name gives it away, it’s not core right now, developers might’ve liked the core concept, but someone might prefer a bear, someone a wolf, someone a tiger…

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They already tested deterministic crafting with Harvest, so even if its, only a part of the league, they’ll probably want feedback about shapeshifting too.


AUG 20

My favourite kind of reply is when people say “I see the the teasers have started” when I’m already several teasers deep.

Meaning that there’s more than one, and they are previous to AUG 20.

AUG 18

Our 3.12 expansion announcement is just two weeks away and I can't talk about it yet but I really want to talk about it so here's a tweet talking about how I can't talk about it so I can at least feel like I'm talking about it a little bit and now you're suffering with me.

Aug 14

I’m looking forward to our expansion announcement in three weeks for the usual reasons but also because the amount of times I’ve almost spoiled the name by typing it and then deleting it is too damn high. I even triple checked this tweet to make sure I didn’t include it.

One can read those tweets and think about how she can’t talk about it yet, but knowing we are already several teasers deep, we can get a whole other interpretation about it, 'it' being Stephen King’s IT the 1990 movie, about an evil clown, which is actually a shapeshifting entity. The genre of which is psychological horror drama, hence the suffering part.

The second tweet reads she has almost spoiled the name by typing it, which makes us believe that the name can easily be mistaken with another word Bex uses often, and/or it’s similar to a common word.

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But here she says:

I said it had similarities to a word I use commonly. It’s definitely not a commonly used word 🙂

So the Expansion-Expedition theory loses fuel.

But if we apply the same interpretation from the AUG 18 tweet, she is against talking about the word ‘it’, she knows people are speculating and analyzing every tweet, in search of teasers or clues, so given something direct like clown or IT, could very easily lead people to the shapeshifting idea.

More tweets with various interpretations,

Just one week left until we announce u/pathofexile’s 3.12 expansion. Usually in the lead up, I try to drip feed more hints towards the theme and name but this time I think it’s more fun if you have no idea going into the announcement. Fun for who? Well

At first sight, these tweets are also water/sea themed, but on a second look, that Well stands out too much, which might be a clue or just shitposting.

In any case, continuing with the theory about the IT movie, there’s a place in the movie know as the ‘Well House’, where IT the clown supposedly lives, clowns are supposed to be fun, but not this one.

They even have creepy MTX clown sets already, and it wouldn’t be the first time they reuse content.

More tweets,

The speculation about the theme of u/pathofexile's upcoming expansion is great! It's good to know that even when we provide almost no real clues, you'll still find elaborate and convincing theories and have fun with them. The real theme was the friendships we made along the way.

Ultimately IT is a tale about the friendship of six boys and a girl, that reunite to destroy the evil entity with the power of their friendship.

More tweets,

It's letters I use frequently.

'I’ & ’T’ are pretty common letters, keyword being letters and not words.

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I know how it all sounds, but before you write anything remember that Betrayal teaser was Bee trail, so at this point anything is possible.


Path of Exile: Shapeshifter

PD: I'm not sold on the name, if it is another spooky league I think Asylum might fit, if the gimmick has nothing to do with the shapeshifting content, it can pretty much be anything.


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