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Path of Exile: Expedition – Join Lilly, Weylam and Alva on the Black Crest Ship to hunt for the Subaquatic City of Tsoatha!

Content of the article: "Path of Exile: Expedition – Join Lilly, Weylam and Alva on the Black Crest Ship to hunt for the Subaquatic City of Tsoatha!"

TL;DR – league name will be "Expedition", you'll sail with Lilly, Weylam, Alva and your new crew (13 NPCs) on the "Black Crest" ship. Upgrade your ship/crew with a new resource (treasure), and hunt for clues during maps. Eventually, you'll unlock the ultimate end-game map of the Subaqautic City of Tsoatha, and plunder it for loot + a fight with a tentacle sea monster/giant.

Why Expedition?:

The name came to be when studying Bex's Tweet about making sure she doesn't accidentally spoil the league's name by accident. Also, Chris Wilson on Baeclast was very paranoid about accidentally mentioning the name, as "it's unfortunately one of those names where the single word just tells you how the entire league works."

If the word, or the "trigger word" is in Bex's tweet, it has to be something that starts with a similar letter combination, such in that you may type the wrong word by accident. After some trial and error, I finally landed on the word "Expansion". This word is being used a lot by Bex during teaser season in both her tweets and PoE web/twitter.

If the league was called "Expedition", it could be very easy to see how you might type that word, instead of another intended word that begins "Exp…"! These are the letters Bex mentions she "uses a lot".

So what will "Expedition" be about?:

From looking at Path of Exile's lore, via in-game, PoE Wiki and Kitten Cat Noodle's amazing lore videos, I've managed to cobble together a brief premise on the league and its mechanics:

  • Lilly and Weylam Roth intend to hunt for the legendary subaquatic city of Tsoatha. This is possible after you reclaimed the "Tear Drop" for Lilly in the Act 10. This will give them both a good chance at finding Tsoatha using their ship "The Black Crest". Lilly will enlist your help on this journey, as you "still owe her".

  • Alva will also join. As a former member of the Reliquarians, a secret society of treasure hunters, she's always up for a good ol' plunder! She still has her contacts/fences, and also knows a pirate or two who will pay for finds.

  • But you'll still need a crew, and this is where the "13 new NPCs" and "new town-like area" comes in. You'll meet a host of new characters who make up your plundering team, with personalities and flavor of their own. A ship as a hub could easily fufil the statement of "town-like".

  • You'll be tasked with hunting for treasure/plunder, as well as clues to the exact location of Tsoatha. You'll find these in your usually mapping, but maybe there's a way to target specific maps/zones of the Atlas, like a bounty system.

  • You use the treasure/plunder to upgrade your ship and crew, offering a variety of bonuses and utility for the league mechanic (either through temporary map-counted buffs, or Delve-like upgrades that are account wide and permanent).

  • The clues will eventually build up towards the ultimate map of Tosatha, which is entirely underwater, or at least housed underwater. Maybe you'll have breathing equipment from your upgrades that allows you to plunder further into the city, ultimately concluding with a boss fight with its guardian/sea giant. Maybe it also attacks your ship in retaliation and you have a defend phase as well!

  • The 900 Gems, which is real – variations of existing and new Gems (Supports and Active) that change them significantly. This relates to Bex's Tweet about her questioning the devs about the expansion, and them having variations in their answers, but a common theme (Gems).

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Additional evidence:

Here's a bunch of links to other evidence that supports this theory.

Bex Tweets:

  • Bex was "overflowing" with excitement over the trailer she peeked at. Water/Sea related clue.
  • Bex corrected "Hype Train" to "Hype Boat"
  • Bex "drip" feeding us info via teasers. Also mentions "Well" which is very out of place in the Tweet. Both related to water.
  • Bex shared a "corner of a screenshot" of the new league. Hard to be sure, but to me it seems like the flooring of the ship – you can see it's two square-like flooring by zooming in.
  • Bex with "I'm already Several Teasers Deep" – Deep referencing Deep Sea/Ocean.
  • I can't see the original tweet, but Bex responded with a pirate ship gif.
  • Bex watching "Waterworld" film (Chris' Inspiration!?), and tweeting about how it reminds her of C. Robert Cargill, the writer of "Sea of Rust"
  • Finally, Bex creating some really sweet art of a lone woman, trapped on a rock in the middle of the sea. Also mentions "It's just missing Cthulhu lol."

PoE Website Posts:

I'll add more if I see them, either from new Tweets, or new/old website/forum posts.

Let me know what you think – got any of your own takes on a similar theory, or something completely different? There's another theory that doesn't fit as well, but could involve Zana, the Harbingers and Timetravel, but it would take 3 hours to explain the lore reasons as to why it's possible :D.

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