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pathofexile is looking for more moderators!

Hi again everyone!

Despite the community continually growing, our team has actually shrunk over the past year and as such we’re in need of more help to do what we do. We will be experimenting with “surge moderators” in the future, so please keep an eye out for that, but this recruitment will be focused on “full time” moderators to join the team. While all of our time slots are open, there is a focus on 4AM to 12PM UTC which typically means you’d be located in East Asia or Oceania, unless you’re working the graveyard shift. All other times will still be considered, as said we do need the backup, but that’s where we need the most. With 3.16 on the horizon, we’ll want to ramp you up as quickly as possible so that release day isn’t that much of a trial by fire.

What do mods do?

Our primary goal is to minimise spam and unpleasant behaviour on the subreddit. As a mod, your biggest task will be going through the moderation queue — a list of all threads and comments that users have reported or the automod has picked up — determining whether the posts break the subreddit's rules, and taking action accordingly. Most of the time this means either deleting or approving the post or comment, though sometimes the post or comment will warrant a ban or other action. Ideally you would also be able to spend some time browsing /new and removing rule-breaking posts as they come up, especially around patch releases when the sub is at its busiest.

Other mod duties include responding to user questions and concerns via mod mail (and sometimes other channels), and joining the rest of the mod team in our Discord server to discuss anything moderation related.

Who are we looking for?

Good mod candidates have most or all of the following:

  • A history of activity. You need to be an active pathofexile member to have a good understanding of the sub. We don't have any strict requirements for how long you've been here, how much you post, your account karma, etc., but we will be taking a look at your posting history.

  • Availability. While we don't expect you to devote a ton of time to actively modding, you do need to be able to check the sub and/or respond to notifications for a reasonable amount of the day. As said in the opener, we have open slots around the clock but 4AM to 12PM UTC needs the most assistance. The goal is to have at least two people per time slot so that if one isn’t available we don’t have the mod queue filling up for 6-9 hours, as it often is right now.

  • Civility, objectivity and communication skills. You need to be able to make decisions without bias, and clearly communicate those decisions and the reasoning behind them to users (including very angry users) without losing your cool.

  • Thick skin. Being a mod means you're going to get insulted on a regular basis. It's absolutely unavoidable, and you have to be able to shrug that off rather than becoming upset or angry. Additionally, you need to respond to these insults on reddit with civility, no matter what the original comment is.

You don't need previous moderation experience, but if you have any (on reddit or elsewhere) please do mention it!

How to apply

Just reply to this post! Please include the hours (UTC) that you're usually available, your Discord username (we use Discord as our primary avenue of communication), and a quick summary of why you'd make a good mod. Please don't nominate other users (though feel free to encourage them to apply themselves).

If you have questions about modding which aren't covered above, please reply to my comment below or via PM/modmail. Other top level comments which aren't applications will be removed for the sake of organization.

Thank you!


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