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Petrified Blood / Mahuxotl’s Machination / MoM / Tempered By War

Salutations Exiles

I am currently theory crafting a Hierophant utilising Life/Mana MoM as the primary defensive layers with Mahuxotl's Machination unique shield. My initial theory is that essentially I'll require bulk Mana regen (should not be disabled by Mahuxotl's) to maintain the Mana aspect of survival, aswell as Mahuxotl's Effectively hypercharging the leech necessities. With the use of Petrified Blood staggering the incoming damage while below 50% that will then get split into Life and Mana at 60/40 due to Hieros Divine Guidance. With enough sustained Leeching via Illuminated Devotion, the overleech will go to ES and provide the +5 maximum resistances. With Tempered by War and Divine Flesh, 50% of all Elemental damage will be converted to Chaos damage, and Tempered by War 50% of Cold and Lightning Damage will be taken as Fire. In theory 100% of Cold and Lightning Damage should be shifted to a 50/50 split on Chaos and Fire.

By stacking Chaos resistance, using Purity of Fire and Mahuxotl's providing additional max resistance, access to 80% chaos resistance (can be boosted to 85% via Clusters) and 85-90% Fire resistance, the overall damage intake from Elements should be Effectively covered. This leaves Physical damage which cannot be multi converted, my initial thoughts are to utilise Conviction of Power for 4 permanent Endurance charges, aswell as a Chaos Golem, this provides 20% Physical Damage Reduction. Through the use of Solaris/Lunaris and Gruthkul, an additional 10-12% on average can be sustained, additional 6% from the Longtooth Talisman, and utilising Fortify can cover with an additional damage taken reduction. Granite / Rumis Concoction and a Basalt Flask will prop the armour value and therefore PDR up additional 15% which I think will be sufficient for tanking "normal" undodgable content.

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Mahuxotl's Machination provides 26% chance to block attacks, Mystic Bulwark and Sanctuary providing additional Elemental Resistance, Attack and Spell block, picking up Glancing Blows will make for a Roughly 60/30 Attack/Spell block, which can be Supplemented by Rumis Concoction to Effectively cap both.

Finally, picking up Unwavering Stance may be a necessity as getting stunned will mean I cannot cast, and therefore cannot Leech. My initial thoughts are a Cyclone CwC Spell based build, however am open to suggestions.

The purpose of this is to build a "cheap" foundation of a build, that could have some fairly extensive damage mitigation layers. If there is any section of this build that could in theory not work, I would love to hear your input. Hypothetically the buy in for a blank slate utilising Crown of the Inward Eye, Mahuxotl's Machination, Cherubims Maleficence (additional leech rate) aswell as using Pain Attunement, Arcane Surge, Transfiguration of Mind and bulk Mana (I would consider Archmage but utilising MoM and Archmage tends to get me killed, particularly when leeching is so important) to scale damage and survival. The overall price to start would be no more than an Exalt, including the cost of High Life , Mana and Fire/Chaos res items.

Exsanguinate is my primary thought, using Lifetap Support, reserving Pride with Arrogance, and Purity of Fire to scale the survivability whilst still providing over 75% of a 7k ish Mana bar for MoM, and a 6k Life Bar halved for Petrified Blood, making the life total approx 3k Life, 4.5k Mana, and the Energy Shield will be constantly filling and Emptying for through the leech over capping and Energy Shield degen from Everlasting Sacrifice.

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Thank you for your time and patience reading this abomination. As always, Best of luck, Exiles


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