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PoE Gameplay mechanics update: Toggal-able flasks


There are many old and outdated mechanics in poe, before they might have even been revolutionary but now their age has begun to show.

I've given some thought as to which of these mechanics interfere with the modern state of poe the most and seeing as flasks are the ever-present and invaluable they're a good mechanic to modernise.

As the title would suggest I propose to make flasks toggal-able. Instead of using a set amount of charges and lasting a set duration, they'd use charges every second they're active.

The Pros:

- No longer will we need to piano flasks every few seconds, now you just activate all of your flasks and as long as you gain more charges then the flasks consume, you'll have 100% uptime. - You won't be forced to overuse your flask charges during bossfights. If you plan on facetanking a hit or attacking just a few times, all you do is toggle your flasks on and then off using considerably less charges. - Opens up design space to have effects like "Flasks gain % increased Flask effect for every second they're active, Flasks consume % more flask charges per second for every second they're active", with an effect like this gaining charges would be an alternative method of scaling. - Simple to implement and test. 

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The Cons:

- Muscle memory would work against you, if you use you're flask buttons after they're activated the flasks would deactivate and leave you vulnerable. - You'd have to deactivate flasks whenever you'd have more than about 8 seconds of down-time, such as picking up a lot of items or interacting with npcs. - Some awkwardness with life/mana flasks deactivating themselves when you reach full life/mana. Could be fixed by making all life/mana flasks not deactivate when you reach full life/mana (would be a nice quality of life change but would need global nerfs to Amount Recovered). 

Additional explanation and detailed examples:

Some affixes would have to be removed, such as Bubbling, Panicked and Sapping. Seething(Instant Recovery) would not change.

There would be a 250 millisecond delay from when you activate the flask to when you can deactivate it to prevent mistakes during panic or any exploits with inhuman timing.(The equivalent of 250 millisecond worth of charges would be used instantly on use to also prevent exploits)

Many items, passive skill tree nodes and ascendency nodes would have to be changed to accommodate the updated.

Only mayor change to existing flask interactions would be that effects like "increased/reduced Charges used" and "increased/reduced Duration" would be compounded into "increased/reduced Charges used per second", other affixes would work as they do normally with slight numeric tweaks.

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Quicksilver Flask baseline has 50 charges, uses 20 and lasts 4 seconds. After the update you'd use it once and if you gain no charges it would last for 10 seconds. If you actually killed monsters it'd most likely last for the whole zone since you'd usually be around max charges which would allow 10 seconds of down-time (plenty for talking to Alva and picking up loot).

Granite Flask has 60 charges, uses 30 and lasts 4 seconds. After the update you'd use it once and if you gain no charges it would last for 8 seconds.



Making flasks toggle-able would greatly improve quality of life for everyone, increase skill expression and lower the physical pain of playing poe at a high skill level while adding design space.

With the cost only being minimal item and class changes and an initial learning period which would be done quite effectively during the leveling process of a new league.

All in all I think this would be a great addition to poe, and I'd love to have my flasks toggle in poe 2.

Thanks for listening to my TEDTalk 🙂


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