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PoE Overlay Community Fork v0.7.3 Release

I'll start off by apologizing for having fewer releases early in the league than we had hoped. The group of developers that signed on for this at the beginning have had a large amount of their intended free time taken by work or other circumstances. We hope that we can churn out updates at a faster rate starting today.

With all of that being said, I am happy to announce that 0.7.3 is available. This release addresses the following:

  • Added support for 'Stored Experience' and 'Durability' evaluate options (used by the facetor's lens and harvest flowers)
  • Added support for 'Item Level' parsing of seeds
  • Added support for Seed exchange rates (pulled from, like other exchange rates)
  • Fixed an issue with Metamorph samples, Lab Enchants and cluster jewel enchants (#104, #111)
  • Added Shift and Alt modifier keys as options for Stash Navigation with SCROLL (#109)
  • Added App Setting under Evaluate Tab to disable In-Game Browser completely (#88)
  • Update some German strings (#76)
  • Update some French strings

What's Next?

Like i said above, we hope to get releases our a bit more frequently than we have thus far.

We are currently well underway with a trade/whisper feature that is intended to handle the following:

  • Looks for chat inputs
  • Handle trade interactions like whisper/invite/kick
  • Display the offer on screen
  • Highlight items in stash
  • and more.
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We don't know when this will be released, but we hope it will be soon.

Want to request a feature/ report a bug?

Add an Issue via Github or post it in our Discord

I invite you all to join our Discord where you can request features, get tech support, watch our community devs solve issues, or even HELP CONTRIBUTE!

Special thanks to our Contributors for helping make all this happen, we have some good programmers on our team that I'm excited to be working with to add on to this project.


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