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PoE Vault Guides for Ultimatum 3.14

Hello friends!

Ultimatum is here, and we've managed to update the vast majority of our guides at PoE Vault for the new league. We're not quite done, but our writers are pushing as we speak and we should be done soon. More tweaks and improvements will of course come in the following days.

As always, our full list of builds can be found here. Below, I'll share what we think are some of the best builds from our site to roll into the new league with.

  • TbXie's Ignite Penance Brand Elementalist: after having played around with the new Elementalist for a league, we can only confirm that Ignite builds combined with Elementalist's defensives was absolutely insane and will still delete everything, on a budget.

  • TbXie's Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant: because of some newly-discovered tech, Totem builds will once more be very potent to rely on. Our take on Freezing Pulse Totems brings you to the late-game very easily and very quickly.

  • Furty's Storm Brand Elementalist: this has made for one of the best league starters since its inception. Backed by an army of golems and furnished with cluster jewels, this Elementalist is at its element tearing through maps with the signature guerrilla run-and-gun style of a Brand build. One of the most versatile all-rounders that can easily flex in many different directions.

  • Furty's Bladestorm Berserker: this is another build that lives by the famous "spin to win" creed, but it's a decidedly different flavour of carnage. This build has fantastic top-end damage and the visceral satisfaction we expect of a Berserker.

  • Furty's Cyclone Slayer: this build remains a popular perennial powerhouse, league in and league out, and Ultimatum is set to be no exception. Stable, powerful, and flexible — one of the best builds from league start to league finish, from the Twilight Strand to fully delirious guardian maps. If Cyclone is your brand of ruin, this is the best build to do it with.

  • Ghazzy's Dark Pact Necromancer: if smooth league-starting is your desire, this remains an excellent build to do that with. What's more, with enough budget, you can scale up to extreme levels in the end-game.

  • Ghazzy's Raise Spectre Summoner: Raise Spectre builds are still some of the strongest league starters that exist. This guide covers everything you need to know about starting out as Spectres on a budget and scaling them into the late game.

  • Brittleknee's Bladefall/Blade Blast Hierophant: if you're wanting to try a version of the popular Bladefall/Blade Blast archetype, consider this Archmage Hierophant. This version of BF/BB is well-rounded with a particular focus on defenses. Boasting incredible recovery and mitigation, this build had done everything in the current end game including The Feared Invitation deathless.

  • Brittleknee's CI Caustic Arrow Trickser: a reliable league starter, viable in all leagues including SSF and SSFHC. Minimally affected by patch notes and still capable of all boss content, choosing this reliable bosser to face up against the Taskmaster is a wise choice indeed.

  • Octavian0's Archamge Cremation Necromancer: /u/Octavian0 hasn't gotten around to updating it for 3.14 yet but it should be done in time for launch, however it remains an incredibly potent and solid pick for people who enjoy strong league starts on builds that have no trouble clearing the game on any budget.

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We have an Ultimatum League guide and an Echoes of the Atlas guide (complete with a nice breakdown of our recommended Passive Skill allocations for each region, thanks to /u/LunaWolve). The Ultimatum guide will get a lot more info as the league actually starts!

You can find our full selection of non-build guides on our gameplay guide page, among which I'd recommend Furty’s Quick Reference Leveling Guide and Luna's Atlas progression guide.

You guys are welcome to ask questions, or leave feedback in our comments or on our Discord and we'll do the best we can to help you out. For anyone interested, I wrote this Reddit post for Ritual league, which introduced our new writing team at the time and addressed a few common concerns (including why you might see RMT ads on the site and why that's really bad and against our wishes).

Good luck in Ultimatum!


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