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Project Burnout – Loot from a Quad Tab of T16 Atolls (x576)

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As a sort of data-seeking project, I decided to farm a quad tab full of T16 atolls. I've been seeing the Valdo's Rest strats and frankly, I didn't feel like destroying my wrists nor did I want to spend hours rolling sextants, so here we are: a low currency investment strategy that was pretty relaxing to do overall.

Investment & Context:

I spent around 13c/map which included rolling the map, sextants, remnants of corruption, and the essence mod. In total, I spent around 7300c, or 66ex at the time. I only did Kill/Protect ultis to save time, and tracked only singular items above 15c, not including easily sold items/bulk sale viable items. I kept a sale log to track items I sold from the project during its course. I also decided stash tab affinity is overrated and ended up making the project way more organizationally intensive at the end. Overall, it was a simple, efficient strategy without any special nuances (except corrupting specific essences for tier 5's).

Methodology & Constants:

– Build: Spectre Necromancer

– Atlas Passives: Adept Tracker, Thaum Awakening, Atlas Awakened, Remnants of the Past, Enduring Influence, Secrets of the Stones.

– Haewark Passives: Sacred Lands, Paid in Blood, The Grove's Call, Controlled Corruption, Amplified

– Map/Atlas State – A9, 161/154, T16 20% quality Alched

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– Watchstones – "Essential" – Chance for Additional Essence

– Offhand Leveling – Ele Weakness (going for 21/20's)

– Tracking Conquerors and Sirus


Quad Tabs 1-3

Normal Tabs 1-10

Final Essences After Upgrade

– Essences: 13394c

– Currency: 7747c

– Maps: 8099c

– Frags/Foss: 5027c

– Gear: 1179c

– Misc: 1775c

– Sirus: 9222c

Total: 46,433c (~80c/map)

Profit: 39,143c (~67c/map)


Sirus made up a large chunk of income (20%), and maps accounted for a fair amount too (17%). Since prices were calculated with bulk sale in mind, if one were to want currency faster, then a lower profit should be expected. Similarly, a smaller sample size would also mean less ability to upcharge for bulk which also means less overall profit. The tier 5 essences sold nearly immediately and were low in supply, which makes sense.

As with most farms, a consistent c/hr is not really able to be inferred as fluctuations in mapping efficiency as well as trade frequency can easily invalidate this type of "data" and so I will not include this.

Overall the project was just meant to be a way to scratch my itch of doing data collection and analysis, and it's been a pretty chill one alike my others. I hope this was interesting to go through or at least glance at (my stash tabs were rainbows lol).

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– Cheers, exiles!



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