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PSA: “Easy” 100% Berserk Uptime On Bosses – Chains of Emancipation + Shackles + Storm Secret

So it's possible to have "easy" 100% berserk uptime on bosses using these three items:

  1. Chains of Emancipation – gain max rage when you lose temp chains
  2. Shackles of the Wretched – reflect curses back to you
  3. Storm Secret – for proccing HoT without having to kill

The simplest way is to be an Ascendant/Elementalist or an Elementalist so that you can guarantee shocks on bosses when you hit with lightning damage.

When you shock on hit, you proc HoT due to Storm Secret. In your gloves (Shackles) you have HoT + hextouch + temp chains + any other curse. As your default curse limit on self is one, when HoT goes off you gain and lose temp chains immediately, which jumps you to max rage due to Chains of Emancipation. You won't even notice you ever had temp chains, or indeed the other curse (not sure whether you even did have them – I never noticed their negative effects in the character sheet, but may have missed something). Then use Berserk which, of course, starts chugging through your rage faster and faster. As long as you keep HoT up, the temp chains cycle will hit again as soon as you drop below 25 rage and HoT hits, which jumps you to max again.

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In practice, it's not quite 100% uptime but you can comfortably keep it going for a very long time in many situations. I tested in a few BA runs with deliberately very low DPS, and it never dropped off in a few runs. For real mapping, I keep Berserk on left click and, if you map at least reasonably quickly, Berserk stays active for the whole map + boss (of course, phases screw you). If it does fall off however, keeping Berserk on left click will mean it's only off for a few seconds (or less, with Berserk CDR etc.) and you don't have to think about it.

This is just the simplest way, I think. Of course, if you can guarantee shocks without being Ascendant/Elementalist or Elementalist, then you can choose another ascendancy, but it's a bit dodgy on high health bosses of course.

So yes, it's "easy" uptime at the cost of three uniques. The belt at least has decent life and chaos res, but the other two are basically dead slots. Not bad in a build that wants to use HoT anyway I suppose. You can improve your uptime by improving your HoT duration. Reducing your rage loss helps somewhat, but not really in practice since at a certain point it's almost instant and you're relying on the HoT to catch it between the 25-0 window. A second storm secret would help, but then that's another ring slot.

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You can forgo the Storm Secret and use something other than HoT in the Shackles, like a brand or Orb of Storms, but then you'll have to micromanage and it won't be automatic. But, possible.

Another way I've seen is to use Rotblood Promise and spam the aura on and off. This is not great as you do have to keep spamming the aura (can't use left click trick), and you need the mana regen to cover the aura cost, which admittedly isn't massive. This method does mean you don't need shackles (or storm secret, of course) however, which I guess is nice. This method also isn't as reliable since the cooldown between switching the aura off and then on again is too long – much longer than the HoT hits of the other method – so you will have less uptime and have to micromanage.

Anyway, thought this was pretty neat!


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