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PSA for MTX shoppers: the Specials tab doesn’t always show everything on sale

Content of the article: "PSA for MTX shoppers: the Specials tab doesn’t always show everything on sale"

The Specials tab on the site only shows 200 items due to some technical limitation that I don't know anything about. I usually contact whichever GGG employee posts the news update for the sale (Bex, Natalia – today it was Rachel) and ask for a list. If there's anything you were waiting to buy but you can't see it under Specials, here's the full list of this weekend's sales that Rachel sent me – there's around 32 MTXes at and below 50 points that aren't visible on that page.

Celestial Leap Slam 100

Stygian Molten Strike 80

Automaton Storm Brand 85

Illusionist Blade Bundle 305

Sawblade Bundle 295

Arcane Skill Effect Pack 145

Celestial Cat Soulrend 110

Demonic Arctic Ballista Totem 110

Void Emperor Summon Skitterbots 110

Project Essence Drain Effect 105

Stygian Ancestral Call Effect 105

Stygian Carrion Golem Skin 105

Celestial Cyclone 100

Shaper Scorching Ray Effect 100

Arcane Raise Spectre 95

Automaton Herald Effect 95

Automaton Lightning Spire 95

Black Aura Effect 95

Blood Guard Herald Effect 95

Celestial Aura Effect 95

Celestial Bladestorm Effect 95

Celestial Blood and Sand 95

Celestial Caustic Arrow 95

Celestial Flameblast Effect 95

Celestial Herald Effect 95

Celestial Lightning Trap 95

Celestial Power Siphon Effect 95

Celestial Raise Spectre 95

Celestial Raise Zombie 95

Celestial Soulrend 95

Celestial Summon Raging Spirit 95

Celestial Winter Orb 95

Clockwork Golem 95

Corsair Aura Effect 95

Dark Immortal Call 95

Demonic Blade Flurry Effect 95

Demonic Leap Slam Effect 95

Dragon Flame Dash 95

Dragon Hunter Herald Effect 95

Faith Guard Herald Effect 95

Ghostflame Cyclone Effect 95

Gore Herald Effect 95

Harbinger Flame Dash Effect 95

Harlequin Aura Effect 95

Huntsman Aura 95

Ice Whirling Blades Effect 95

Illusionist Aura Effect 95

Illusionist Blade Vortex Effect 95

Illusionist Bladefall Effect 95

Illusionist Ethereal Knives Effect 95

Innocence Herald Effect 95

Lava Aura 95

Madcap Aura 95

Mystic Aura Effect 95

Night Lotus Toxic Rain 95

Phantasmal Whirling Blades Effect 95

Polaris Blood and Sand Effect 95

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Purple Whirling Blades Effect 95

Ringmaster Aura Effect 95

Sawblade Ethereal Knives Effect 95

Scientist Essence Drain Effect 95

Sin Herald Effect 95

Stygian Aura 95

Stygian Desecrate Effect 95

Stygian Flame Dash 95

Stygian Frost Blades Effect 95

Stygian Herald Effect 95

Stygian Molten Shell Effect 95

Stygian Spectral Shield Throw Effect 95

Sunprism Herald Effect 95

Void Emperor Aura 95

Void Emperor Blastchain Mine 95

Void Emperor Icicle Mine 95

Void Emperor Pyroclast Mine 95

Void Emperor Stormblast Mine 95

Wasteland Herald 95

White Aura Effect 95

Wild Aura Effect 95

Wrangler Aura Effect 95

Zenith Aura Effect 95

Automaton Arc Effect 90

Automaton Divine Ire effect 90

Celestial Barrage Effect 90

Celestial Blight 90

Celestial Kinetic Blast Effect 90

Celestial Lacerate 90

Celestial Rain of Arrows 90

Celestial Righteous Fire Effect 90

Celestial Summon Skeletons 90

Divine Herald Effect 90

Falling Sawblades Effect 90

Gloom Herald Effect 90

Gore Stormbind Effect 90

Illusionist Cyclone 90

Miracle Golem 90

Purple Herald Effect 90

Radiant Scorching Ray 90

Sawblade Blade Vortex 90

Stygian Bane Effect 90

Stygian Scorching Ray Effect 90

Automaton Lightning Warp 85

Black Flame Dash Effect 85

Celestial Ancestral Call Effect 85

Celestial Contagion 85

Celestial Essence Drain 85

Celestial Wither 85

Corsair Flame Dash Effect 85

Demonic Storm Call Effect 85

Ebony Ethereal Knives 85

Harlequin Leap Slam Effect 85

Illusionist Blade Blast Effect 85

Iron Maiden Ancestral Warchief 85

Mystic Blink Mirror Arrow Effect 85

Purple Arc Effect 85

Reaper Spectral Throw 85

Revenant Explosive Arrow Effect 85

Ringmaster Whirling Blades Effect 85

Sawblade Blast Effect 85

Stygian Mirage Archer 85

Void Ancestral Warchief 85

Wasteland Flame Dash 85

White Herald Effect 85

Arcane Barrage Effect 80

Arcane Tome Totem 80

Archon Determination 80

Arctic Ice Golem 80

Black Hole Vortex Effect 80

Blood Guard Lightning Warp Effect 80

Crystal Earthquake 80

Dark Cyclone Effect 80

Demonic Shield Charge Effect 80

Discipline Force Field Effect 80

Divine Storm Call 80

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Dragon Totem Skin 80

Ebony Tornado Shot Effect 80

Faith Guard Whirling Blades Effect 80

Flare Discharge Effect 80

Huntsman Immortal Call 80

Infernal Flame Golem 80

Innocence Lightning Warp Effect 80

Madcap Phase Run 80

Pylon of Pain Totem 80

Sin Leap Slam Effect 80

Spirit Blink and Mirror Arrow Effect 80

Stormcaller Lightning Golem 80

Tentacle Caustic Arrow Effect 80

Triple Blade Spectral Throw Effect 80

White Blink and Mirror Arror Effect 80

Wild Dash Effect 80

Wrangler Frostblink Effect 80

Arctic Freezing Pulse Effect 75

Black Hole Frostbolt Effect 75

Celestial Ball Lightning Effect 75

Celestial Orb of Storms Effect 75

Demonic Herald Effect 75

Harbinger Righteous Fire Effect 75

Stygian Volatile Dead Effect 75

Carnage Vitality 70

Quicksilver Cremation Effect 70

Summon Mannequins Skin 70

Trinity Purity of Elements 70

Ziggurat Totem Skin 70

Arcane Contagion Effect 65

Demonic Split Arrow Effect 65

Divine Righteous Fire Effect 65

Harbinger Convocation 65

Vapour Flicker Strike Effect 65

Demonic Blade Vortex Effect 60

Arcane Essence Drain Effect 55

Prismatic Double Strike Effect 55

Shadowstalker Elemental Hit Effect 55

Swordfish Ice Spear EFfect 55

Acid Magma Orb Effect 50

Arcane Wither Effect 50

Crystal Tornado Shot Effect 50

Demon Hand Cleave 50

Demonic Bladefall Effect 50

Demonic Flameblast Effect 50

Demonic Flicker Strike Effect 50

Demonic Raise Spectre Effect 50

Demonic Reave Effect 50

Demonic Spectral Throw Effect 50

Divine Ball Lightning 50

Dragon Fireball Effect 50

Eagle Guardian Totem Skin 50

Ebony Blast Rain Effect 50

Frostflower Ice Trap Effect 50

Ghost Flicker Strike Effect 50

Golden Bladefall Effect 50

Gore Earthquake Effect 50

Gore Lightning Arrow Effect 50

Gore Sunder Effect 50

Harbinger Flameblast Effect 50

Harbinger Magma Orb Effect 50

Harbinger Storm Call Effect 50

Imp Haste 50

Infernal Skull Anger 50

Lightning Skull Wrath 50

Raven Raging Spirit Effect 50

Rift Worm Shock Nova Effect 50

Soul Nexus Clarity 50

Spark Spiders Effect 50

Summon Raging Bees Effect 50

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Summon Statues Skin 50

Tiki Totem Skin 50

Verdant Blink and Mirror Arrow Effect 50

Verdant Split Arrow Effect 50

Arctic Skull Hatred 45

Ghostflame Flame Totem Effect 45

Ghostflame Herald of Ash Effect 45

Ghostflame Raging Spirit Effect 45

Olmec Totem 45

Raise Mummy Skin 45

Seraph Spectral Throw 45

Stygian Raise Spectre Effect 45

Tribal Storm Call 45

Arctic Ice Nova Effect 40

Cold Grasp Effect 40

Gore Glacial Cascade 40

Invisible Buff Effect 40

Sawblade Cyclone 40

Tombstone Desecrate 40

Stormcloud Arctic Armour 25

Ethereal Stars Effect 15

Golden Spectral Throw 15

Green Searing Bond 15

Siege Firestorm Effect 15

Blue Cyclone 10

Blue Flame Incinerate 10

Emerald Rain of Arrows 10

White Cyclone 10

Water Nova Effect 5


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