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Question for POB Pros (Cold BV PF)

Hi everyone,

I recently got my cold BV pathfinder with Indigon rolling and I've come across differences between my build and the guide I was following. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what I'm missing (other than a few things that I'll list later on).

Here is the forum guide I'm following and the POB link

I've been doing red maps just fine with good clear, but when I get to the map boss, it just seems to take too long to bring them down. When I load up my POB (and set the configurations exactly as in the guide), I see that my 10-blade BV DPS is at 1.4M, whereas the guide's DPS is sitting at 4.9M.

Now of course, I just got my character started and still have room to improve, but I don't think my gear is that far off of what's shown in the guide. By my estimation, here's what I think I should improve:

  • Upgrade from a +1 amulet to +2
  • Tier 1 hatred effect on weapon instead of tier 2
  • Multi-Mod weapon with the phys as extra chaos craft
  • Possibly add Aura effect to chest w/ woke orb slam
  • All level 20 gems
  • Level 21 Hatred
  • Guide is using conc effect instead of unleash (I prefer unleash)
  • Level up (would mostly improve defenses)
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So yeah, I have some work to do, but, I even put the guide's items into my own build and swapped the gems around to match, and I still was coming up way short on the DPS calculation.

So my questions to you guys is this: Am I really so far behind the guide's character with gear and progress or am I missing something in POB that makes it seem that way?

And I know this sounds like someone just trying to be a POB warrior and get the highest DPS number possible, but I don't really care what the final DPS number is, I just want to know if I'm missing something so I know that I'm evaluating my progress correctly. If the guide says I should be able to hit XXX DPS, I want to know why I'm at like 30% of that

My POB and link to profile (character name is "Poison_Every_League")

Thank you guys, hope you're all enjoying the league


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