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r/PathofExile Plays: The Lord’s Labyrinth! Part 15

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Hey FOAKS! This is the most recent installment of this sub’s playthrough of the official Path of Exile Gamebook/CYOA book. We play as Weylin of Ezomyr, an ex-arena gladiator, chosen to traverse the Lord’s Labyrinth for our chance at becoming Emperor! Every day at Noon EDT, I’ll post the latest series of events and choices that you all get to vote on and discuss. Part 14 is here.

Yesterday, we had a short and sweet page: dare we test the possible trap grate or leap over and assume safety? Most of you thought to jump, so Jump we shall!

The relevant pages are here.

You tense your muscles and leap for the far edge of stone. You land half, on, half dangling over the flames, the impact driving the breath from your lungs. After a quick struggle, you pull yourself up, and not a moment too soon. Fire belches from the pit, almost setting you ablaze. You roll away from the burning wall and lie on your back, steam rising off your body in wavering wisps.

A dart thunks into your side, but its point is blunt and does nothing more than bring your to your feet, looking around wildly. Up on the wall, you notice a section of stone has slid aside, revealing a familiar face.

“There is no cooling respite from the searing attentions of greatness,” Izaro says, waving down at you. “Upwards and onwards, ascendant!” He turns away and you can hear him muttering to himself. “Still, that was a bit too easy… maybe something more incendiary next time… must have a word with the alchemists…”

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As the stone slides back into place, you consider your next move.

If you wish to leave this infernal chamber as quickly as possible, turn to 128. If you wish to examine the dart first, take an INT Skill Test at Threshold 13 – if you pass turn to 162. Otherwise, you must move on; turn to 128.

This is another spot where I’ll take the reins to avoid an unnecessary break point. The text implies that if we succeed at examining the dart, something happens. Otherwise, nothing changes. I get the feeling you guys want to know what’s up with it, so I’m going ahead and rolling for it. Our “INT” bonus is +9 (6 from DEX, +2 from Weapon, +2 from Armor, -1 from replacing with Dex), so with a dice result of 6, our total is 15.

You pick up the dart and examine it. A small vial has been cunningly set into one side, clearly to prevent breakage. The red liquid inside is a giveaway. A healing potion! You pop it out and swig down the refreshing brew. You gain 3 LIFE.

As you set the vial down, you notice that there’s some writing scratched into the dart. Peering closely, you read a cryptic statement: “Avoid Punishment.” The words mean nothing to you at the moment, but perhaps they will later. Turn to 128.

Better than I expected, honestly! I figured there was a chance either inspecting it was a Bad and we get poisoned or something, or it was going to be an item we can use later. Another +3 LIFE means we’re sitting at 16! We’ve come a long way!

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Leaving the stifling heat of the furnace room behind, you make your way along another winding corridor, welcoming the cool dampness. Torches flicker on the walls, and after several minutes of walking, an intersection appears, two paths splitting off. From one comes a horrendous racket, metal rasping across metal, overlaid with the crashing of water. From the other you can hear a fain, high-pitched chiming.

If you want to explore the cacophonous passage, turn to 155. If you want to investigate the chimes, turn to 132.

That’s more like it. Obvious danger or implied danger? The metal-on-metal is giving me buzzsaw vibes, but I have no idea how to appraise the chiming, and I like surprises. How do you all feel about it? Cacophony or Chimes? Decide Weylin’s fate in the next 24 hours!

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