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r/PathofExile Plays: The Lord’s Labyrinth! S2 Part 5

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Maaate! This is the most recent installment of this sub’s playthrough of the official Path of Exile Gamebook/CYOA book. We play as Weylin of Ezomyr, an ex-arena gladiator, chosen to traverse the Lord’s Labyrinth for our chance at becoming Emperor! Every day at 10am EDT, I’ll post the latest series of events and choices that you all get to vote on and discuss. We are on attempt number 2. Part 4 is here.

Yesterday, we resisted the foul magic of the Evil Witch of the West, moving deeper into a section that Weylin the First recognizes. The crowd has determined we would try to climb this tree and steal its lemons claim some giant golden fruit. Before we actually do, we need to roll some Skill Tests!

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Our totals for rolling Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence Skill Tests are a +5, +3, and +3 respectively. Our rolls were exceptional, totalling 15, 12, and 13 respectively.

You wrap your arms and legs around the bole of the tree and hoist yourself up, mere inches at a time. Your muscles burn, yet your quiet perseverance is rewarded when your hands close around the lowest branch. You haul yourself into a sitting position, startling three large crows. They flap away, cawing at you angrily.Noting their bulk and blood-stained beaks, you count yourself lucky that you didn’t have to tangle with them.

Below you, the hedge maze unfolds like the topology of some giant vegetable mind, and you take a moment to marvel at its complexity. Though you feel some pride in having made it this far, you’re also sure you’ve barely scratched the surface of this labyrinth.

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You continue to climb out along the branch towards the nearest cluster of fruits. After a near fall, you reach the golden clusters and snap one off into your hand. You examine it and notice the three black spots near the stem, impossible to see from the ground. One of the other arena slaves, a Trarthan, spoke of this rare and miraculous fruit from his homeland. Hirinyajali, meaning “Golden Blessing”, a natural antidote for almost every variety of venom. Izaro has clearly spared no expense in acquiring the most wondrous features for his Labyrinth.

You gain an ITEM, a Golden Blessing Fruit.

Fortunately, climbing down proves much easier than going up, and you’re quickly headed on your way, leaving the beautiful tree behind.

If you haven’t investigated the chittering noises, you may turn to 383. Or, you can turn to 125.

Just like last time, this fruit would prove handy against any venomous clown that tries to get in our grill. Unlike last time, you opted to take the noisy path, so let’s see if it can compare with the horror of the Bramble Cobras.

You poke your weapon through an overhanging cluster of ferns, trying to see deeper along the path, but it’s no use. The vegetation is too thick. Resigned, you set yourself to the task of shouldering your way through the clinging growths.

After several minutes of sweaty work, you feel the press of greenery lessen, and come to a halt. This time, when you brush the ferns aside, you can see a tangled clearing, dotted with stumps of recently cut trees and the partially gnawed carcass of a deer. What looks like several long spines stick out of the dead animal’s side and face.

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The chittering noise from before grows louder, and from the other side of the clearing, a creature approaches the deer carcass and starts feeding on it, gobbets of flesh torn free one gulping mouthful at a time.

Disgusted, you look closer, but your eyes aren’t lying. This warped beast has clusters of quills sprouting from its back, almost like a porcupine, and based on the state of the dead deer, the spikes aren’t just for show. Even more alarming, it appears to be eyeless, instead possessing a featureless bony plate stretching across the front of its bloodstained face. As the monstrosity continues tearing at the carcass, you spot something fluttering on the far side of the field. It looks like armor, hanging from a branch, but in order to take it you’ll have to challenge the creature.

A breeze briefly rustles a nearby bush, causing the monster to flare out its quills and wander over to investigate. Perhaps, if you’re quick, you might be able to distract it instead.

If you want to fight the Porcupine Goliath, turn to 285. If you want to distract it, take an INT Skill Test at Threshold 10. If you pass, turn to 388, otherwise turn to 276. Or, you can head back to the other passage. Turn to 125.

Oh dear Innocence, protect us. I can’t believe they put this juggernaut of an encounter so early! Weylin Junior doesn’t stand a chance!

Honestly though, hypothetically, this is about as hard as the snakes. An Intelligence Skill Test isn’t impossible for us, with our +3, but not guaranteed. We have about a 50% chance of passing. Charging might not be terrible, either. Beyond that, I am taking the reins in one regard: No retreating to the other hallway! This is your bed, you’re gonna lie in it! Which leaves the question: Distraction, or Charge? Choose your destiny!

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