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r/PathofExile Plays: The Lord’s Labyrinth! Season 2 Part 3

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Tala’moana, Exiles! This is the most recent installment of this sub’s playthrough of the official Path of Exile Gamebook/CYOA book. We play as Weylin of Ezomyr, an ex-arena gladiator, chosen to traverse the Lord’s Labyrinth for our chance at becoming Emperor! Every day at 10am EDT, I’ll post the latest series of events and choices that you all get to vote on and discuss. We are on attempt number 2. Part 2 is here.

Yesterday, we crushed a drinking contest against a fellow Ezomyte, before retiring to our chambers with a group of beauties. The next morning, we joined the other ascendants in the Plaza before being addressed by Izaro and entering. We quickly came to a crossroads, and the votes indicated we take the Middle path! And so, a hunting we will go!

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You make your way down the middle path, trying to track its endless turns, but give up after the fifteenth switchback. You’re hopelessly lost, and you know it. The sun rises higher overhead, and the buzz of insects drones on in your ears. After several more turns, a small alcove opens up on the side of the path, a low bench placed within. Wearily, you take a seat, twisting open your waterskin for a quick drink.

The cold water courses down your throat, ad nyou swallow gratefully, glad of the refreshment. In the distance, playful barks make the scene seem like a bucolic summer day, liek a memory of your childhood brought to life, afternoons spent chasing the clan’s wolfhounds through forests and fields.

The barking grows louder.

You scramble to your feet. You’re not in the fields of your youth, you’re in a labyrinth designed to kill you! The barking becomes deafening as a monstrous creature, almost as tall at the shoulder as you are at the chest, bursts around the corner, fangs bared and glistening. Its features make you shudder, some sort of unholy mix between a lion and a dog, but with a human face glaring out at you beneath heavy orange fur.



*If you attack the Hellion with DEX its DEFENSE becomes 10 due to its quick reflexes.

If you defeat the HELLION, turn to 203. If you lose to the HELLION, turn to 114.

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Weylin Junior’s first taste of labyrinth combat! For combat stats, we deal 3 damage with a roll of +4 from Strength, and have 4 Defense with Briskwrap. Let’s see how we fare against this fella (I hope he doesn’t burst into flame, like in the game…)

The infernal canine wastes no time in leaping upon its new toy. You brace yourself just in time to dash spryly to face it, meeting its claws with the tip of your greatsword. Its mass drives it forward midair, bringing your blade with it onto your chest. A gruesome howl splits the air around you as it flails about on top of you.

In a feral, desperate attempt to exact revenge, its jaws snap towards your face, but every movement it makes drives your blade deeper, and the pain keeps it from getting too close.

You roll over, forcing it onto its side, then its back, before somersaulting forward and onto your feet, twisting the grip of your blade in your hand as you go. The beast only has a moment to react before you yank hard on the pommel, sliding the length of your blade free from its insides, and swing it back around into its ribcage. Its barks become silenced by the crack of bone, your blade slicing deep, and the hellion lays still.

This was our easiest combat yet, across both attempts! The hellion’s only attack rolled double-ones, which is always a failure, and we beat its defense twice, dealing lethal damage without getting hit at all!

The Hellion plows to a halt at your feet, legs scrabbling furrows in the soil. It vomits out a final gout of blood, the falls still. You brace yourself against the bench, trying to catch your breath. Fighting an enraged animal is no easy feat at the best of times, and a vicious dog the size of a small pony certainly doesn’t qualify as the best of times. What other horrors has the mad emperor tucked away in this place? As you shift oyur feet to stand, you feel something stab into your boot. Cursing, you peer under the bench and see a plate vest with metal thorns protruding at all angles. You haul it out into the light, brush off the dirt, wnd take a closer look. A smile tugs your lips. With a few minor alterations, the armor could definitely be made to fit. You may replace your current armor with BRAMBLEJACK.

You walk further into the hedge maze until you come across a series of branching paths. One is marked with a stone painted all in flames, another decorated with what looks like falling snow, and the third with a jagged lightning bolt.

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To take the flame path, turn to 261.

To take the snow path, turn to 232.

To take the lightning path, turn to 106.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t three alchemy shards! This actually might be quite nice, but I can’t decide in my current sleepy state, so I’ll leave this one up to you guys. In addition to voting for our path, mention in the comments if we should replace Briskwrap!

Last attempt, we chose the Snow path and found a cool but honestly scary freezing vine plant. Judging by the skill tests involved there, we could deduce that each element is tied to each attribute in the same way here, namely having Strength tied to Fire. So, what do you think? Fire, Snow, or Lighting?

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