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Ran 100 Tul’s charged breachstones, and here is what I got.

Did 99 Tul's charged breachstones & 1 Enriched Tul's breachstone. As it was the second week of theRitual league, average price on Tul's charged breachstone were 5.5 chaos per 1. I spent about 550 chaos orbs on that. Each run took about 3 minutes, 2.4 minutes for mapping, ~30sec for vendoring and stocking items. However for this whole thing was spent about six or even seven hours.(At least an hour was spent on the purchase of the breach stones.)

EXP: Before the start of running Tul's charged breachstones I was on 92-nd lvl character and become 93-rd lvl with 72% XP( it should be 92 percent, but because of 2 deaths it's just 72 percent of xp).Deaths did not affect the amount of loot, as it happened while i was killing bosses.

Loot: The Halcyon – 10(~190 chaos each), Tulborn Spiraled Wand – 31( ~1.5 chaos each), The Snowblind Grace Coronal Leather – 15( ~4 chaos each), The Escape – 7 ( 13 chaos each), Maven's Invitation: The Hidden – 18 (~ 14 chaos each), blessing of tul – 50 (1.5chaos each).

Breach loot calculation:

10*190+31*1.5+ 15*4+7*13+18*14+50*1.5=2424 chaos orbs or 30 exalted orbs (as 1ex was about 80c)

2424-550=1874 chaos orbs profit. or ~310 chaos per hour

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Additional loot: 1 divine orb, 2 gemcutter's prisms, 28 chaos orbs, 76 orbs of fusing, 8 regal orbs, 11 regret orbs, 84 orbs of alchemy, 55 cartographer's chisels, 95 orbs of alteration, 67 chromatic orbs, 23 scouring orbs, 16 vaal orbs, 471 jeweller's orbs( most of them gained by 6 socket vend), 3 simple sextants, 6 orbs of horizon, 9 prime sextants.

Drop chances(approximate accuracy): The Halcyon – 7-8%(I was very lucky , as the last 10 runs gift me like 2 of them), Tulborn Spiraled Wand – ~33%, The Snowblind Grace Coronal Leather – 15%, The Escape – 7%, Maven's Invitation: The Hidden – 15-20%, Blessing of Tul – 50%.

The interesting fact is that poe.profit shows The Halcyon drop chance equal 3 percent which absolutely couldn't be further from the truth inasmuch the drop chance of The Halcyon at least 7% or even more.


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