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Reap really isn’t that bad of a skill. T16 juiced maps, Ultimatums easy

Ascendant Necro/Glad self cast Reap user here.

Seems like quite the unpopular opinion, but I see so many people complaining about the hitbox dead zone and about how Reap sucks completely.

Personally I'm having a great time with the skill in t16 juiced maps, ultimatums, bosses, and conquerors. I will admit I have bricked Sirus but that was more due to me not dodging shit on the ground, not any mechanical issues with reap. Just noob mistakes there. The dead zone rarely ever is so noticeable I can't use the skill or get upset with it, I'd say almost never.

Total Sirus DPS with Vaal RF up and Corrupting Fever damage is about 2.5m atm. Definitely enough for ez red maps.

To be fair at this point I have invested in some luxury items like a 6L Carcass Jack, heal on block shield, Templar Gloves etc.

But before that I was using a cold iron point, a shitty shield I got while levelling, a 25c body armor with like 100 max life and no res I bought just for the 6L, and some rare Damage Over Time gloves with res stats.

Pretty sure I had around a 2-3 ex investment max with like cold iron point + thread of hope + replica mistwall (which I dont even use anymore) when I got to red maps

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It's really not that bad of a skill. Damage is great for red maps, survivability with it on max block glad/necro ascendant is awesome.

I just tried running a 100% delirious T15 map on my character and it did better than I expected. Map was pretty much cleared albeit a little slow on the mini-bosses/boss as it is a physical damage focused build/skill so scaling is not the best for some of these past 3m Sirus DPS

My POB if anyone is interested:

I feel like it's not a super thoughtful/creative POB/build/items pathing but it works completely fine. I think too many people are just jumping on the hate bandwagon/need a nudge in the right direction.

This was my first league start build ever so I'm pretty sure it really can't be that bad of a skill considering I'm a noob

TLDR: Please don't get this skill overbuffed by complaining about "how shit it is" and then get it nerfed to the ground after that. It's pretty good as is.


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