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Relative power level

I noticed no one is talking about the changes holistically. Everyone is focusing on what is changing and how to fight the river and the force of the water (nerfs) coming at you and not realizing that it'd possibly be easier to step out of the water and into the swampy banks of that same river and trudge through the muck.

If melee skills are getting more base damage to combat the support gem nerfs that hit them harder, this means flat damage is better. The same goes for spells as well, if the 50 flat to spells on your weapon was 5% damage it is still going to be 5% damage and the relative power level of that same 5% damage is going to be higher when everyone is getting less damage. Flat ele attack builds have seen a big relative power increase here, something like Smite getting a base attack increase would be 'double-dipping' on the relative power because it also has flat damage on the gem and the result is that this skill is now way more 'league start viable', as much as i hate the term viable in regards to PoE.

Its easy to see the few buffs like SST and how trap stuff isn't changing much…"gotta play traps in the trap meta now" is definitely premature even though their relative power has increased.

DoTs have been the go-to for league starters for quite awhile now. However the problem with DoTs is that they don't have the best returns on investment in the very endgame if your goal is to get omegadps and phase/kill bosses quickly. These skills really relied on support gems for quite a large portion of their damage and this is what made them great. If you are considering DoTs now you really have to consider the changes and what they mean. Empower is more important and its relative value for so many builds is going up, and its going to be harder to get. Hit again with endgame scaling to clusters and Dot Multi means this only exacerbates the problems the archetype had with the whole ROI on endgame investment thing.

In 3.15 the gear you are wearing will have a greater relative value to the support links, and this is something important to keep in mind…something like an Abyssus will have much greater value when your base damage increases so flat means more, crit multi is harder to find and the relative value of critical strike chance is going up due to diamond flask changes and requiring builds to get more of it. Before you might have said "this only gives 33% more PoB damage, ick" but now you might look at that damage and consider the ease of building around the downsides of this specific item more, especially when you might be starved for damage to begin with. Gearing has always been important…but even more so now, you may want to treat any external-to-support gem scalars as being more important, like auras, support setups and even the tree/cluster jewels and i just wanted to bring attention to this point and touch on what it means to not just you making builds…but the game as a whole.


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