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Replica Mageblood FlaskStacker (In-Progress)

Hello, builders and theory crafters (:
I recently saw a

where the flask enchant, "Gain 7 Flask Charges when you're hit" was used to automatically trigger flasks (which also triggered % life recovery from Pathfinder) and basically ensured perma-flask uptime. That mechanic heavily inspired this build and I love idea of life recovery on flask (instead of using Aegis Aurora with ES).

I'd really love help making the tree a bit more efficient and any suggestions are appreciated. I want to keep the build under or around 100ex, which makes it (at the very least) 1/3rd of the price of a Mageblood and that's not counting the other items you'd need for a true Mageblood build.

This is the Replica Mageblood FlaskStacker

Mechanics / things to know about this build:

~100~150% increased flask charges gained +
~10% reduced charges used +
~40% increased flask effect +
+7 charges gained on hit +
+6% of life recovered per flask used +
"Flask is used upon reaching full charges" enchant +
etc. stuff (e.g. 1 charge every 3s, 20% change to not use charges) =
every time you're hit, you'll be gaining 24% of your life back, instantly

Since we're using Petrified Blood, that recovery is effectively doubled (since you're always on half your max life). So 58% of your life will be "effectively" recovered, instantly, on getting hit. This is actually better than that Aegis Aurora, since you need to block (which is a 75% chance) vs. just getting hit at all.

Low life pool (issue I want to hopefully fix) is protected by 400-600k armor through Iron Reflexes, auras, high max. all res, and flask buffs.

Assuming you're always hitting (and critting), you can have 100% uptime on Bottled Faith, even with the .2s cooldown on recovering 1 charge per critical strike; also, obviously, 100% uptime on all your other flasks.

83~88% all resistances (with purities), this could go higher with double-corrupt March of the Legion, but that's way over budget and at that point you may as well buy a Mageblood. You can get a single corrupt version for 9~12ex, which is a staple of our build.

15-25mil DPS (depending on what buffs are up) or if you're actually running full Awakening gems (

This build relies on 3 large clusters, 2 medium flask clusters, and 6 Introspection small clusters (which is honestly what most of the budget is spent on, other than a decently rolled crit watcher's eye).

Dual Wield Replica Dreamfeather. I'm fully aware that inflators use this, then swap over to Aegis, but since we don't use ES, it's actually possible just to use both the RDFs, and it's infact the BiS item (plus they are extremely cheap).

I'm totally open to suggestions and just started working on this project, today. Really want to make something that can compete with Mageblood on some level. Thank you.

Possible FAQs:

Q: You're using full awakening gems, this blows the 100ex budget out of the water? lol
A: Replace the gems, it still has great DPS and does not need them at all. There is room in the budget for some of the cheaper awakened gems

Q: This is with full flasks up lol you have no DPS without your flasks
A: That's the point.

Q: Why Smite?
A: Aura stacking increases the Smite buff, but I'm absolutely open to other skill options.

Q: Your mana reservation is way over?
A: We're using March of the Legion, which makes 4 of our auras temporary (at the cost of needed to recast them every 15~30s. So yes, it will appear over, but not actually be over. I was also experimenting with Arrogance on Petrified Blood, but that puts us at 42% of our life, so I've been avoiding it.


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