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[Ritual League] “Project: Heist” Is playing Heist League Worth it? 140 Contracts 25 Blueprints

Preface: if you want to just know the numbers and see screenshots of the loot then scroll to the bottom.


Good Morning Exiles,

I spent the last week of my free time playing heist league so you don't have to! I ran it all with basic alched T1 follower items like foliate broach and whisper-woven cloaks. The only notable things I did was roll the Broaches to be "%chance to duplicate basic currency" and 1 cloak to be both "%reduced raising of alert level" and "%chance on opening a chest to not generate alert level." I ran my contracts in order by "type" after I got that so I could always have it on.

Initial Thoughts:

Perhaps the most unbearable part of this grind was the time it took to load back into the Rogue harbor every time. It added roughly 20-30 seconds to every contract and every Grand heist I ran. Before anyone asks, every marker (except the last 50k I needed) and heist/GH were SSF while mapping. I did not "meta-roll" my GH to only run currency and div rewards 9+times per GH, they were regular drop on the ground GH.


I ran a total of 140 Heist Contracts and 25 Grand Heists. over 80% of them were lvl 83 and 90% 81+. I rolled EVERY single one to be alched with "easy" mods for my low def BC assassin to run. I used the following list to copy and paste to roll all 165 at the same time:


"f ele" <– ele reflect
"immediately" <– lockdown is instant
"cannot reg" <– no regen
"desecrated g" <– patches of desecrated ground
"er res" <– -max res
"ances per" <– -all res per %alert
"ance per" <– -specific res per %alert
"leech" <– no leech"el increases ev
" <– alert increases every 10 seconds
"reduced job speed" <– reduced job speed ***Only rerolled on vinderi demolition contracts
"less mana r" <– less mana recovery

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The total cost of rolling was around 165 alch, 70 scour, and 114 chaos. Roughly 1.63 Ex.I spent 4 ex on a 2% regal to exalt trinket which I sold back for 3.9ex after so I will take 0.1 ex away from the final profit.I also focused HEAVILY on reward chests. The only time I would open regular chests were: a) all reward room chests were opened, b) the remaining reward room chests were only: uniques, gems, jewelry. Yes I opened prophecy because Trash to treasure and Queens Sacrifice exist, or do they?


Of course time is a major part of deciding on whether or not something is "worth doing" for a lot of people. I tried doing the Heist contracts as fast as I could because they were so mundane to me and I could average around 10 per 28 minutes which included dropping off loot and opening and loading screens. Every 10 contracts I would vendor the markers rewards and 6 socket items. Total time investment was around 6.5 hours for the heists NOT including selling items, or roughly 7 hours including selling items. The grand heists took around 3 hours because of how annoying it was to search the end rewards which were almost unilaterally dog-shit. Total time investment once I setup all the T1 gear (randomly alched except foliate broach and one whisper-woven cloak) and rolled all the contracts/GHs was roughly 10 hours.

Closing Thoughts and Information:

They made these SIGNIFICANTLY less rippy than they were in heist league. In heist, my better geared BV ASS would die every 10 or so heists to a random 1 shot, especially in the lab layouts. Throughout all of these I died 2 times. Once to a volatile flame-blood. The second time was on Grand Heist #6. Sadge:( I went from level 93 with 0 xp to 95 at 65% xp. Overall the heists "seem" more profitable than the GH but that was just because of sample size and the dog shit loot rewards I had at the end of my grand heists.


Side note, the regal to exalt trinket would have been a loss in profit had I not sold it close to what I bought it for. 2% regal to exalt averages to 1:50 regals will be an exalt instead. Out of ALL of this I dropped a total of 51 regals. So I would have averaged 1 exalt profit from this thing across 140 heists and 25 GH. Now if you target run lockpicking and mass currency GH this thing would probably have more value.

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If you enjoy the play-style of heist league then this is 100% worth running. If you do not, but you cannot super juice or craft/hate running harvest spam, then this is also for you. If you don't like heist more than you like currency DO NOT DO THIS! Have fun and enjoy playing the game!

Here are the screenshots of my final loot tabs sorted and of Exilence NEXT

(I did not include anything I found at the end of my GH as that is way too large of an RNG swing but those net me around 2ex total across 25GH. If you found something like divergent berserk, prime regrading lenses, or tailoring/tempering orbs this would be much higher.)

Breakdown of Cost and Reward:


Total cost rolling heists and GH that were all SSF in maps: 1.63 Ex
Total cost of buying/selling 2% regal to exalt trinket: 0.1 Ex
Total time investment: 10 hours
Total Rogue Marker costs: 518 chaos or 5.18 Ex
***This was the cost AT THE TIME (taken from SSF markers and 110c of markers I had to buy)

Gross Income:

Total Gross income of 140 Heist Contracts: 3,425.47 chaos or 34.25 Ex
Total Gross income of 25 Grand Heists: 3,095.57 chaos or 30.95 Ex

Fun Info:

Pure exalts from drops and exalt shards and 1 Brother's Stash: 11.05
Pure Chaos from drops: 356
Grand Heist Blueprints dropped during regular heist runs: 1
Total Stacked decks dropped: 920 or 13.8 ex (exilence has them at 1c per but bulk can go as high as 2.5c per)

Net Profit:

Rough profit per hour on purely running Heist Contracts: 4.55 Ex per hour or 31.88 Ex Total
34.25 ex – 1.37 ex (rolling) – 0.1 ex (trinket) = 31.88 Ex @ 7 hours
Rough Profit per hour on purely running Heist Grand Heists: 8.47 ex per hour or 25.41 ex Total
30.95 ex – 0.26 ex (rolling) – 0.1 ex (trinket) = 30.59 ex 30.59 ex – 5.18 ex (marker cost) = 25.41 ex @ 3 hours

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Total rough Profit: 57.29 ex Total @ 10 hours or 5.729 ex per hour

Adjusted Net Income: Profit of 54 ex @ 10 hours or 5.4 ex per hour

***Adjusted by removing 3 ex from the value to account for multiple conditions. a) bad RNG b)exilence counting things like sac-frags, oils, and maps.


Should I run heists:
If fun -> YES!
If not fun -> NO!
Profit: Roughly 54 ex
Time investment: 10 hours
Selling stacked decks: LOL no I want to open them and lose all 15+ex of profit on them
Number of times Vindiri blew up a door/chest after his first attempt: I fell asleep and died to a volatile flame-blood.


I hope you all enjoyed this breakdown of the Ritual league Heist league experience. Good luck, and stay safe!


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