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Rules Update – Sponsored Posts and some tweaks to examples

Content of the article: "Rules Update – Sponsored Posts and some tweaks to examples"

Hey all, giving a heads up about a small rules update and the context behind it.

With explosive community growth comes a lot of change and there’s probably no better example than Zizaran’s sponsored event for the upcoming League. Overall the community (including the modteam!) is very excited about the possibilities for new races and similar events this precedent hopefully creates. And it’s our job to make sure we’re prepared for what comes next.

To give a brief summary of events, when Ziz posted about the event he included the sponsor in the post title and we received some complaints regarding this. We quickly decided we weren’t going to remove the post since it was within the rules at the time, but we were hesitant to allow what amounted to advertisement in a post title. In our haste we did not give the subject enough discussion and also did not communicate this well both internal and externally. That was a mistake and we apologize for any confusion anyone had from the communications in and around Ziz’s post.

We have now given the topic of sponsored events the time and care it deserves, as well as getting input from Ziz and others in an effort to responsibly handle future sponsored posts while making sure we are not hampering new events coming in. (We want to extend what we learned from the Policy Discussion around self-promotion here as well.)

So with that spiel out of the way we are planning to add the following addendum to Rule 9 specifically for Sponsored Events:

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9a. Sponsored Events – Posts about Sponsored Events which are within Reddit Advertising Policy (Notably: no Gambling, Adult-themed, or Political ads) are allowed if they adhere to Rule 9’s content-first, promotion-second policy. They will be tagged with the ‘Sponsored Event’ flair if they are not already. Direct-link posts in this context are only allowed to video hosts (e.g. YouTube) or the Forums in order to avoid potentially bad faith traffic diversion. It is recommended to contact the moderation team ahead of posting about large events, but it is not required.

There will be a relevant flair associated with these (hopefully increasingly common) posts and requirements that are simply within line with Reddit and our current “gameplay first” promotion policy. The sole exception to that is a limit on direct-link posts. To explain that, we’re staunchly against any “visit our site for details!” strategies from companies. The appropriate info regarding the event should be in the post itself or from a verified source such as Youtube or the official forums. To be clear, linking to another site is fine within the body of a normal post, but don’t make the entire post just a link to a sponsor’s site.

In addition to this addendum, we will also be revising some of the existing rules. Although these specific details were already implied within the existing rules, we thought it would be best to clarify some things more clearly. Newly clarified text is shown in italics.

Revisions to rule 3:

The following behaviors are detrimental to discussion and fostering a healthy community, and are unacceptable in r/pathofexile:

  • Trolling, flaming, insulting, belittling, and attacking
  • Hate speech, including racism, sexism, misandry, and misogyny
  • Harassment and threats of any form

Revisions to rule 4:

This typically includes, but is not limited to:

  • Real life people or objects that resemble part of the game
  • GGG staff or prominent community members and content creators doing something non-Path of Exile-related
  • Stream clips that do not focus on some aspect of Path of Exile (whether or not the streamer plays Path of Exile)
  • Discussions that are primarily political, such as arguing about US politics
  • Discussions that are overtly sexual in nature. Suggestive content should remain in good taste. NSFW posts and imagery is covered further in rule 12.


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