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Scaling Profane Bloom/Obliteration

Content of the article: "Scaling Profane Bloom/Obliteration"

I'm sure this can't be an original idea, so I don't want to re-invent the wheel if necessary.

Can anyone recommend a build that scales these explosions? I kind of want to theme a build around "explodey but without the chest", so like a budget/starter (i'm not currency limited, its just about the theory crafting right now). I think the threshold here would be 300% increased damage (chaos+area+inc damage) to get explosion damage of 100% of life and over 50% chance to explode in order to get chaining (so PB + 2x Obliterations or also Unspeakable Gifts, which is kind of rare and expensive). AoE would also be important but I'm not sure how much (carcass jack probably a good option). There might be a trade-off between chance to explode and AoE, i.e. if there is a 33% chance to explode, and the explosion reaches 3+ mobs, statistically it should chain also.

So, if I understand things correctly, the best scaling would be chaos damage, area damage, % damage, and chaos pen(wait not even chaos pen, right?). There's very few options for damage conversion to chaos, and I'm not sure this would even work since the explosion starts as chaos, thus there's no conversion to be done. Would crit also be a scaling mechanic? I don't think so, because isn't it quite literally a 'critical strike' i.e. a hit from player?

I looked into Hexblast for Hex+chaos explosion synergy with PB. It seemed really promising to stack Ele Weakness Curse + EE + Doomsday + Wither(for single target) for a strong Hexblast, but a quick PoB just seems really weak compared most other skills. Honestly its too bad GGG introduced a new mechanic that doesn't seem competitive with existing ones (like the steel skills worked out to be meta-levels powerful). Maybe this is due to the 66% less effect of curses on bosses in the PoB config.

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There's poison BV, but it seems like you'd have to scale chaos DoT in addition to chaos damage, so it might dilute the efficiency of skill point allocations. I need to look into this more.

Actually scaling chaos DoT, might be necessary to have any hope of boss-killing with a more concentrated chaos spell like ED/Vaal Blight/Bane. This opened up a pitfall of mistakenly scaling spell damage on the tree, which won't scale the explosions too.

Thanks all!


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