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Short course on Evasion defense mechanic and playstyle it requires for maximum effectiveness

Due to upcoming changes in 3.16, removal of Dodge defense mechanic and confusion about Evasion and "entropy" i would like to chip in with few lines to explain how it works, is it good or bad and how you should play with a character that relies on Evasion.

-Evasion is primary defense layer against attacks, mainly available for the southeast part of the passive tree.
-Evasion rating you can get from dex based gear, flasks, unique mechanics and can be scaled by Dexterity, passive tree, gear and unique mechanics
-it caps at 95% chance to Evade attacks

**What Evasion does?**
Basically, goal of Evasion is to disable an enemy of having a possibility of landing attacks on you in succession and giving you guaranteed leeway in time in between attacks, so you can recover/reposition/eliminate threat and stay alive.

**How it does that?**
Evasion as same as the Armour works in correlation with the enemy stats (which is not how Dodge or Block works). This means that the some Evasion you have and Accuracy that enemy has, you will have certain "chance to evade" the attack.
Although I've introduced "chance" in the story, it's not based on luck. It's based on "entropy" and regularity.
Imagine Entropy as decaying of your chance to not get hit that starts on first attack, meaning that if you have 66% chance to evade, every 3rd successive attack you will take in regular count.
Think of it as a clock ticking with every tick representing one attack on you. On every 3rd tick you will take damage. Evasion is not a chance of every attack to miss (not calculated vs every attack ), but a number counter.

**Why is Evasion good?**
It's reliable mechanic in it's core. With 95% chance to evade you can literary stand and watch single enemy miss 19 attacks in a row with 20th being a hit.
Evasion prolongs time in between hits, protecting you from being killed by eliminating being hit in a row.

**Why is Evasion bad?**
For the same reason it is good, entropy and regularity. You are guaranteed to be hit in regular count of attacks thrown at you. So to paint the picture, imagine two scenarios.

1)You have 66% chance to Evade and you have one enemy hitting you at 1attack/s (remember the clock).So he will be able to hit you once every 3 seconds in regular tick. Fantastic!

2)Now add 3 enemies doing the same 1attack/s on you with your 66% chance to Evade. You will get hit every second.
This is not good because, the more enemies you add to the equation the faster the clock will tick, and you will reach a breaking point of this defense mechanic effectively crumbling next to 0.
This also applies to Armour in a sense because the bigger the physical hit the less effective armour is, meaning it can also become worthless in some situations.

Also Evasion doesn't work at all against "hits can't be evaded" (Izaro, Chimera…) and is weaker the more Accuracy monster has.
One rare monster with Precision aura can noticeably lower the effect of your Evasion.

**So how to play Evasion based char?**
Evasion works best for chars that have inherent ability not to be exposed to many attacks and it was made for them in the first place. Bow chars are like that and that's why you will find Evasion passives mostly in the Ranger part of tree.
When making a Evasion char you have to build and play accordingly to how it functions.
So focus on:
-ranged skill
-proxy (totems, ballista, Mirage Archer…)
-mobility, speed and staying away from mobs
-damage, the faster you kill the threats the less attacks will be attempted and the Evasion decay will slower tick
-attacks mostly have physical damage so try to get some mitigation for it

If i missed something feel free to add.


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