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Solo-farmed 400 fractured blighted pack sized juiced burial chambers with decent quantity/rarity, and here are some results and some farming strategy with aura stacker (warning: standard)

Content of the article: "Solo-farmed 400 fractured blighted pack sized juiced burial chambers with decent quantity/rarity, and here are some results and some farming strategy with aura stacker (warning: standard)"

1. Introduction Hey all, I'm neuroy. For those who do not know, in Harvest league, fractured maps with beyond mod could be obtained along with blight oil effect, resulting maps with base 75 pack size/ 135 item quantity one of the best ways to farm for currency as well as the joy of killing monsters currently in Standard league.

Being a dumb-dumb and trying anticipate these maps would be nerfed at the very end of last league, I fractured 1500 of the pack size version of burial chambers. Silly me, who had misjudged GGG's nerfing hammer, basically had to farm all these maps by myself.

As of today I have farmed 400 of these maps, it is insanely profitable and here are the results.

2. Result

Currency (in big ball park: ~2600 ex; 2400 ex excluding small drops):

  • 3500 divine orbs
  • 8300 vaal orbs
  • 13000 chaos orbs
  • 8500 orbs of regret
  • 19000 scour orbs
  • 4000 simple sextant; 3000 prime sextant; 2500 awakened sextant
  • 1100 exalted orbs (this is inaccurate because some small drops which were sold in ex were also included in here. I'd estimate the raw drop is around 900-1000)
  • 313 simulacrum

Small drops (between 100-200 ex):

  • many many corrupted jewels with implicit mod
  • 1 rare es% jewel with rmr corruption
  • 48 Primordial Harmony
  • 6 Void Battery (corrupted all, got 1 penetration)
  • 9 Cospri's Malice (corrupted all, got 1 penetration, 2 extra projectile)
  • 6 Call of the Brotherhood (fail corrupted all)
  • 2 six passive aura jewel (i83)
  • 4 4-5 passive aura jewel (i83)
  • 3 Unnatural Instinct

Big drops (~210 ex):

  • 6 Skyforth (for nostalgia reason it is included in this section; 5 corrupted, 1 unid)
  • 14 The Doctor card
  • 4 Headhunter (all unid)
  • 0 Mirrors as expected
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Special Mention * 2 Angler's Plat (1; 2)

3. Profit

The cost of these maps include fossils (720 ex), scarabs (150 ex), and prophecy (30 ex), making the total 900 ex. With currency drops of 2400 ex alone it will cover more than double, almost triple of the cost.

4. Map set up

Watchstones and sextant:

Some have suggested to me to use unique watchstones, I ran some of them but eventually gave up the idea for several reasons. First is they are quite costly; second it is a pain to buy them in standard, especially a large quantity of them; and lastly they have to be applied new sextants every time. As mentioned above, only 2 six passive aura jewels dropped, those may cover the watchstone and sextant cost, but it cannot cover the time lost. In conclusion I'm just using 4 normal watchstones. I would love some ilvl 87 Angler's Plait though.

The four sextant mods I use for Nemesis Zana mod:

  • Beyond: self explanatory
  • Nemesis drops 3 additional currencies: also self explanatory
  • Unique monsters drop corrupted items: This one is huge, the amount of corrupted 6l is insane, along with the unique/rare corrupted jewels
  • Alva: I ran out of Alva missions for the last 30 or so maps, so this will be my permanent set up

If you have Alva missions, then I'd recommend for "corrupted vaal monster have 25% chance to drop corrupted items" to boost more corrupted 6l drops.

If I'm running triple beyond (Zana beyond mod), I'd switch nemesis sextant to something like legion.

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5. Build

This is an aura stacking build, and here's my current build PoB for farming Angler's Plait:

And here's my set up if I do not care about iir/iiq:

Some comments about my build:

  • It is extremely min-maxed, but still have places for improvement
  • I've seen some drama recently on Reddit of people comparing high-end aura stacking build, my question is why go CI when you can go LL. But that's personal preference of course.
  • Why do I only have 5k es? Well if you had paid attention to one of the screenshot of Angler's drop, you may find I only have 2k es because I was limit testing for several maps to see if I could survive. Transcendence with alt q determination is THAT strong.
  • I intentionally switched helmet, medium cluster jewels, as well as corrupted rare jewels for more damage instead of having es mods. Normally though I can easily have 8k es.
  • Flasks set up (Divination Distillate, Lavianga's Spirit, and Soul Catcher) is the unholy trinity for IIQ/R, I lost so much DPS for not being able to use damaging flasks.
  • Gem link set up (Spark-Echo-Pinpoint; EK-Echo-Physical to lightning) with IIQ, IIR, and Chance to Flee. Pinpoint is super super super super super strong for both builds if you are lacking damage.
  • Why do I use chance to flee and a corrupted pair Slitherpinch? They are for farming Angler's Plait. Shout out to members of Fishcord, especially u/poorFishwife, for being such patient and diligent people to explore different aspects of the game.
  • Each map takes about 12-15min to farm, with 7 min being looting. Use a very strict item filter.
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TL; DR: Farming legacy juiced burial chambers can be insanely profitable, although quite time-consuming. For the 400 maps I have farmed, the currency drop alone covers more than half of the total map cost. Even though there's no mirror drop, thing that is more special than mirror have dropped, twice.

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