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Some Data from Harvest league after i completed the 10k map tiers.

Content of the article: "Some Data from Harvest league after i completed the 10k map tiers."

I just finished the 10k map tier challenge (running exclusively t13+ maps for the last 7k tiers, those 7k where completed postnerf) and wanted to share some data about the Harvest mechanic.

Time played : 5 days 17h

I fought the Harvest end game boss twice, the first encounter was bugged (i killed sirus 9 times already)

I harvested 7 t4 seeds, i have 12 in my stash (never gotten a single blue t4 seed).

I never got a 6L craft from harvest (neither the 6s one)

I got 7 augment crafts, 5 fire, 2 defense. (6 post nerf)

I got 1 remove/add craft since the nerf.

I got 4 remove crafts since the nerf.

I didn't count exactly before the nerf but i found way over 20 remove/add crafts before the nerf. (leveling excluded, mostly in white/yellow maps)

I got 2 white socket crafts. (both post nerf)

I upgraded one offering to the goddess.

I haven't seen anything scarab/harbinger related from the harvest mechanic.

I found 6 delirium orbs.

I fought 16 metamorphs in thane's lab.

Considering i had 2k seeds in my stash from one day of mapping at some point (i hold onto them expecting the patch to be a buff to good crafts rate, what a fool) , i estimate at around at least 20k the total number of seeds harvested.

Honestly its just so underwhelming considering the time it takes to grow seeds, for basically nothing, i got a few decent items from the few first days that i could never really upgrade after the nerf and i can see i'll never do enough maps to get the crafts i had planned for. This league feels so unrewarding, party because of content being gated by abysmal rng and so diluted. I want to interract with Harvest (idk why i still expect anything from it) so it deters me from doing other activities i like such as delve or incursion because i would lose out on growth cycles.

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I want to play the game and i feel Harvest has a lot of potential but maybe they should tweak the rarity of the crafts to make it more accessible, you can't really expect to craft your own items by yourself, you need a guild or go on a trade discord to buy crafts from other players.If they didn't make the crafts tradable, it means you should get opportunities to craft stuff from seeds you gathered yourself but its definitly not the case…


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