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SSF Friendly Discharge Ignite Elementalist

Content of the article: "SSF Friendly Discharge Ignite Elementalist"

Hey everyone, I've been mulling over starting out with a discharge ignite Elementalist, designed for SSF. This is, of course, without having seen any other changes.

This PoB has no gear, but still has roughly 4.6M damage per ignite just from gems + tree. Uses golems for extra damage + defenses. 194% life from the tree. Smattering of block. Flesh and stone. Primal Aegis.

I feel like charge generation is going to feel a little clunky until I can get a trigger wand and some of the other listed upgrades. But please let me know if you have any suggestions / improvements.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I also plan on stacking armor, at least enough to use VMS instead of steelskin. I want more phys mitigation to go along with primal aegis.

I've copied my PoB notes below, to avoid rewriting everything 🙂

Designed for SSF. The goal is to have 3 frenzy, 4+ endurance, and 3 power charges before discharge boom. Ignite lasts 6.69s, so have to reset by then and re-apply (enduring cry CD is 6.49s). Power charge generation is a limiting factor, so I don't currently pick up extra power charge nodes.

Steelskin on left click.

Quicksilver flask represents Shaper of Flames, and +500 life just to estimate life from gear.

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Take Bastion of Elements for Primal Aegis.

Generate frenzy/power charges with Frenzy and Spellslinging Storm Brand + PCoC. Enduring cry, then boom (or boom, then enduring cry of at max charges).

Storm brand gives power charges + procs EE (overwriting discharge hit).


  • Redblade Banner – Gives us all endurance charges always. Without it, single target is usually only 4 (20 power / 5).
  • Power charge on hit Redeemer chest – Allows us to drop PCoC and increased critical strikes. Possibly move combustion to Storm brand. Also lets us grab more power charge nodes, since power charge gain is more reliable.
  • Trigger wand – Auto-cast Wave of Conviction.
  • Curse on hit ring OR Profane Proxy – Drop curse on hit WoC setup. If Profance Proxy, need to switch to Swift Affliction instead of Hypothermia unless I can get reliable chill elsewhere.
  • Thread of hope – Pick up runebinder for better power charge generation vs single target.


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