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Standard is Great this League

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Every league I usually get all ascendancies and fight Sirus once or twice before the three months are over. The atlas is never fully complete (including awakened objectives).

This league I have even less time to play so I decided to skip it. So in essence, I started the league (in Standard) with full gear, tons of maps and some currency. After playing over a week on and off I realized there are a ton of things I never have time to explore in league.

Betrayal is super complicated to learn. But once you sort of understand it and have a setup board it's super fun to play and really rewarding. Past that, I am slowly completing all the missing crafts in the bench.

Alva, Einhar and Zana Missions are also pretty fun and can add a lot of value to each map. With Delve I haven't fully explored (only at at delve 273), but I'm looking forward to eventually fighting the Delve bosses since I have lots of Niko missions.

Metamorph and Delirium add a ton of stuff to the map which is fun to have every 5 to 10 maps. They are kind of opposite mechanics. One makes you slow down and sweep the map for all mobs. The other makes you have to rush the map to get to the boss. Since it is not every map like in league, it adds a lot of variety to mapping.

And the economy? GG gear is damn expensive. But everything between that and worthless is pretty cheap. It's nice to complete your unique collection. And you can even buy tons of gear that don't drop anymore (some of them aren't even expensive!). Theres a lot of GG megalomaniacs (some super cheap) and cluster jewels that are on the market (good ones are pretty expensive though). You can try a lot of builds for cheap with an economy like this.

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Harvest seems fun, but the way I see it only people who have tons of time to farm enough maps/seeds for those GG crafts will really get the most out of it. If you don't have much time, I highly recommend Standard. It's a blast so far.


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