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Stick with Build or Reroll (or Quit the Game)?

Hello everyone,

I guess this is my 3rd or 4th post asking for advice here and all are about the same topic: what shall I play? I really like this game, yet I tend to have problems enjoying it, especially when it comes to finding a build to stick to. I start with ambition, enjoy a build, but once I hit a wall I start questioning myself – and I've been doing this for quiet some time now, not just this league.

I started off this league as DomBlow Guardian, played til lvl 83 and mid of yellow maps but then abandoned it after 1st week or so. back then I could not effort any upgrades and I wasn't sure whether the playstyle was right for me. The ramp-up before all minions were summoned kinda annoyed me, as sometimes on bosses it was one random death, and when I went back in I was dead before I even got some spawns.

So I rerolled and played CI ED/Con trickster, got it to yellow maps and lvl 86 pretty fast, not really hit a wall yet, but somehow I'm not happy with the 2 button playstyle and felt a huge flask dependancy and I hate the flask piano!

Once again it was reroll-time and this time I went Fire Burst elementalist. Was fun while leveling, currently lvl 76 and in yellow maps but I die very often – very very often which is always something I cant stand and usually means I will just instantly reroll.

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So here I am again – thinking about rerolling and looking for a build. I checked some Lacerate Glad Guides and Vids, but it seems also playing the flask piano. I was thinking about Vortex Occu, TR or Caustic Arrow or something completely new. But then I'm not sure if I should not just stick to one of the existing builds, buckle up and dig into it. I have concerns wether this is the best way or if it is just pure boredom due to lack of alternatives to spend my spare time. Those are the moments I think I should take a break from the game, but I still enjoy it overall and can't help but feel it's just I haven't found my build yet!

I got only a few ex to get a build going, I dont want to press flasks every 5seconds and I enjoy a relaxing playstyle rather then having to manage 5 skills at a time and I prefer defense over glas cannon, yet don't wanna fall asleep while killing something.

Shall I reroll – and if so to what – or shall I stick to existing builds?

Any recommandations are welcome!


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