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StupidFatHobbit’s Filter v3.11.5 – Death of a Chaos Recipe

Content of the article: "StupidFatHobbit’s Filter v3.11.5 – Death of a Chaos Recipe"

9/10/20 – v3.11.5 – Harvest League Update V – Death of a Chaos Recipe

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Update Notes:

Normally I would never release an update four days before the league end and just roll these changes into the next leaguestart update but after what happened with Harvest's launch I want to go back to keeping the league launch updates as asbolutely minimal as possible. A large number of sections have been rewritten so I'm releasing this now to ensure there are no issues with Heist's launch. For those who want to start editing this filter feel free, I'll be making the Heist edits as small as possible so that they can easily be copied over without redownloading the entire fitler.

The most significant change of this update is the killing of the chaos recipe in General. This is going to be a controversial decision but at the end of the day the chaos recipe has been holding the General filter back by causing a massive amount of clutter in early maps and during any loot-intensive league content. Shrinking and fading out rares just isn't good enough. I haven't done it (outside of challenges) in years and I can't recommend it ever, even to new players. It's an utter waste of time outside of extremely specific scenarios, such as trying to get more chaos for Legion in SSF. From now on it will be disabled by default although I've made it quite easy to re-enable and given it it's own section to make it easy to find (22). Hopefully this will further the design goal of having General usable until red maps start (or at least early/mid yellow) instead of switching to Strict almost immediately upon getting to maps.

Major Changes and New Features:

  • General filter no longer shows chaos recipe rares by default. Toggle located in Section 22 (read the notes and delete the appropriate blocks) for those who still want to do it in currentyear. Note that this has replaced the General+ extension blocks which are no longer necessary.
  • Drastically reduced the number of 84+ bases that show by default, cutting about a third of the total. Previously I always tried to show at least one top base from every item class/archetype but this has resulted in too many "never pick up, ever" items showing. The total number has been reduced by roughly a third – for example all staves have been removed. A full list of cut bases is included in the comments by the main filtering blocks in section 10 for easy reference.
  • Completely rewrote flask levelling section, now uses arealevel instead of ilvl. Redid life/mana flask highlighting – more or less the same total amount of flasks still show except now only the current best tier of flasks have borders as well as now having icons (previously: best and 2nd best tier had borders, no icons). All flasks now use raindrops for icons instead of triangles. Defensive utility flasks have different minimap icons (pink) than from speed (purple) and offensive (yellow).
  • Moved all weapon and jewellery levelling sections from ilvl to arealevel. This more or less necessitated a rewrite of each section so I took the time to further modularize everything for easier deletion of unwanted sections i.e. caster is now split between wands and sceptres, melee axes and swords have been separated (with swords disabled by default). Due to the change there should be a lot less "item bleed" at transition levels – if you see the border that means it's currently the best. Remember that the intention, now more than ever, is that you delete the sections that aren't relevant to you. Things will be VERY spammy if you leave all archetypes enabled while levelling with General.
  • Strict levelling now has the most meta of each archetype enabled by default. Chaos dot and bleed for bows, 1h/2h axes, generic and spellslinger casters, pagan wands for summoners. Reminder that Strict levelling is designed for those levelling with tabula/goldrim/lochtonial/wanderlust where you will want to replace your weapons and eventually your gloves/boots. Use Uberstrict if you absolutely do not want to see anything other than flasks and rare jewellery while levelling.
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Other Levelling Changes:

  • Bleed bow progression added, slightly different than phys bow. Delete the main phys bow blocks (and the chaos and ele bow blocks, obviously) if you're levelling bleed.
  • Changed how levelling weapon blocks handle early maps. Instead of top few bases being shown until 70, they all stop at 67 unless the base doesn't start dropping until 70 at which case it'll show for one arealevel only. Armor still goes to 70 for now but that section is next on the rewrite list (and also has not been converted to arealevel yet).
  • Caster daggers no longer show while levelling at all (unless caught by another block). Caster shields are now shown by default in strict levelling.
  • Extended 1-stat amulet extra highlighting level range through a3 and 2-stat through a5
  • Minimap icons on small chromes now shows through the entire levelling phase and stops at quarry
  • Magic items in general now stop showing at start of quarry instead of at start of maps
  • General and Strict now show white two-stone and amethyst rings in quarry, white/blue amethysts now show while levelling
  • Leather Belt and Coral Ring now retain minimap icon up through quarry in levelling phase
  • Extended minimap icons on rare jewellery during levelling phase up to 67 in gen, added same blocks to strict
  • Uber stops showing basic flasks when maps start instead of at t3 maps
  • Bismuth and all resist flasks (ruby/topaz/sapphire/amethyst) are now considered bottom tier util flasks

All Other Changes:

  • More corrupted items in the filter now use the very dark red solid bg (same styling as used by vaal gems). The only things that aren't on this yet are corrupted armor drops, I'll hopefully get that done soon. Adjusted various corrupted highlights.
  • All non-unique mentions of Harbinger Bow in the filter have been removed. Spine and Assassin bow are considered the top phys attack basetypes with Citadel being top for bleed.
  • Significantly reduced the number of atlas bases that have sound (only high droplevel ones do now)
  • Added "borderline" value for div cards that need sound in gen/strict but not Uber (basically just Loyalty for now). Considering simply disabling sound on basic div card tier next update
  • Divine Vessels and Offerings now use the wedge icon which is more or less supposed to represent quest/progression related items now
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Minor Changes/Fixes:

  • Fixed matatl boots having a text color change instead of a border color change
  • Cut coral/paua amulets from guat, added Amethyst for Xopec and Guat
  • Large number of minor highlighting and base adjustments
  • Adjusted influenced highlighting to be more in tune with the current meta
  • A few minor div/unique tiering changes

As usual, the best way to stay up to date on the filter is to follow the forum thread or to add me ingame. With the filter's increasing popularity, the best way to ask me questions about it is over my stream as I simply cannot type while playing. Any lengthy inquiries will always be directed to the stream if it is online. Since I keep getting asked I have also finally set up a donation link for those who want to support the filter.


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