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StupidFatHobbit’s Filter v3.13.1 – Ritual League Update I

2/21/21 – v3.13.1 – Ritual League Update I

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Update Notes:

Various highlighting and filtering changes, nothing too crazy. The most noticeable changes are the splinter and talisman ones.

Major Changes & New Features:

  • Redid splinter highlighting and gave them all a common background. The intention is having it appear less "rainbow" when multiple splinters drop as well as it being more clear that they all belong to the same item class. The old highlighting blocks are still available (for now) if you prefer them.
  • All "unique upgrader" items (blessings, vials, harbinger scrolls) are now considered to be the same "item class" and share a bright red-orange highlight.
  • Talisman highlighting has been revamped and now is essentially the same as rare jewellery highlighting but with a red border to indicate corruption. General filter now applies IDcraft flags (now same styling as rest of filter) to all tiers of talismans instead of only the best bases. Strict and Uber remain significantly more restrictive.
  • Maps (Section 4) has been renamed to "Maps & Atlas Items." Watchstones, Pantheon and Maven stuff can now be found there. Labyrinth stuff is still in Section 3 for now.
  • Levelling: Added extra blocks showing items with blue and blue/green sockets at slightly higher levels to combat the pressure created by the combination of spellslinger and the filter's preference for AR/EV armor while levelling. More socketed body armours are also now shown
  • Redid highlighting for Maven items and Rogue Coins
  • Default chance item is always now Branded Kite Shield and is enabled in Strict
  • Replaced Runic Hatchet with Royal Axe for 84+ and influenced bases
  • All new div cards and uniques tiered
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Minor Changes & Fixes:

  • Topotante gloves now have an orange border, leaving only topo shields on white border
  • 84+ highlighting no longer flags mirrored gear
  • 5L in strict now has sound up until red maps start
  • Div Tiering Changes: 7 Years Bad Luck, Dab of Ink, Dying Anguish
  • Fixed some level starter uniques (like wanderlust) missing sounds in General and Strict
  • Fixed Demoness and Wolf's Shadow being hidden in gen/strict instead of only Uber (thanks Arkherion)
  • Fixed a number of minor syntax errors (thanks Dissolator)
  • Dozens of minor adjustments to bases, tiering, highlighting etc

As usual, the best way to stay up to date on the filter is to follow the forum thread or to add me ingame. With the filter's increasing popularity, the best way to ask me questions about it is over my stream as I simply cannot type while playing. Any lengthy inquiries will always be directed to the stream if it is online. Since I keep getting asked I have also finally set up a donation link for those who want to support the filter.


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