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The Atlas now feels like the preamble to the endgame…and that is very tiresome

I have been playing since Delve and I could have been "burned out" by any league in the past but never was….this league feels particularly tiresome however. Which is surprising because I like the ultimatum mechanic and that is pushing me to play more but the rest of the league has whittled me down. I was thinking about why this is and here is what I think is happening.

When you got to maps previously it felt like the end game. Sure it was tiered into a White/Yellow/Red maps but they felt like mostly incremental boosts of the same activity. No longer does it feel this way…the first 24-48+ hours of mapping (~3 weeks of playing for me) just feels like a preamble to the endgame now. Previously we just had leveling, which was annoying in its own right, but 5-8 hours of later (for me) felt like I had reached endgame.

The reason early mapping feels like a chore is that it is really unrewarding compared to what it will be at true end game with T14+, atlas passives, atlas bonuses, etc. Also early mapping and it is filled with 5 grinds now and each is independently annoying:

a) Map Completion to drop higher tier maps (gotta complete ~120+ maps one time to feel good)

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b) Map Awakening Bonus to get more missions, guardian maps, etc (gotta complete ~120+ awakening bonuses to feel good)

c) Unlock watch-stones to drop the highest tier of maps and to get better loot from conquerors/sirus (gotta get at least 16 stones to get a 4 regions dropping the maps you want)

d) Unlock Atlas passives to run the content you like in the most rewarding version of itself (need to unlock ~6 passives in 3/4 areas depending on what you want to run)

e) Complete all maps in an area to get the favorited maps (Probably want to triple favorite maps in ~3/4 regions )

Yes it is true that a single map often counts of for 2-3 and occasionally all 5 …however it is just way too many independently filling bars from a similar activity. As you get towards the end of maps however often a map is only counting for 1 of the 5 grinds. I would love it if there was just map completion/awakening bonus and the other grinds just got allocated automatically. (ie let the maven witness the same boss in a region, favorite system directly linked completion bonus and not region, allow all 32 watchstones to unlock from the same region)


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