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The Chaos Report – Harvest Week 1: Harvest Crafting || TEXT VERSION RELEASE

Content of the article: "The Chaos Report – Harvest Week 1: Harvest Crafting || TEXT VERSION RELEASE"


Please do be aware that these text-based posts will always be slightly late, compared to the video versions and as such might feature topics that aren't quite time-sensitive anymore. Values and advice will be updated, as well as tips and recommendations, to fit with the DAY OF THE TEXT RELEASE, so don't fret, this will still serve as a good guideline.

Creating the Chaos Report, as a video, takes about 10 hours of work from research, script writing to editing and releasing it.

These text posts take another 2-3 hours of time, as I need to pack all the information into equally as understandable bits as the video, which means I cannot release them simultaneously, as my schedule simply doesn't allow this amount of work in 1-2 days and any further increase in the development schedule would make the information be more outdated than I'm willing to risk.

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but I hope that this will still provide the desired information for everyone!


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Hello everyone, LunaWolve here.

Welcome to the Week 1 TEXT VERSION episode of The Chaos Report for 3.11 and the Harvest challenge league!

Do keep in mind that these are educated guesses or predictions and as such they might not be entirely accurate.


Exalted Orbs are first, as always.

The OG Exalted orb has seen an absolute explosion in price this first week.

I mentioned how the exalted orbs could see a bit of a turbulent league with harvest, but I was not expecting them to absolutely smash every record they've previously had.

They are currently sitting at around 190c, but has already seen a peak of 200+c, at the end of the first week. It's on a small decline for the moment, but I wouldn't expect this decline to be extremely substantial, as the league mechanic itself does not provide a lot of additional exalted orb drops, but heavily devalues chaos as a whole, due to the free "REFORGE" crafts, that players would normally use hundreds of chaos orbs to achieve.

I'd imagine the patch from today is going to heavily effect the prices for exalted orbs, so keep a close eye on the market for the next few days.

If access to the exalted and annul+exalt crafts in harvest league increases, you can expect them to drop accordingly. They'll likely remain above 140c for a vast majority, if not all of the league, simply due to chaos being so heavily disvalued due to the crafting mechanic as a whole, that exalts will not really be able to drop into more managable areas.

Additionally, exalted orbs are also used for a lot of meta-crafting mods and slams that cannot be done by the current league mechanic. So with a lowered supply, due to no extra drop quantity in every map, chaos being heavily devalued and a comperatively increased demand compared to previous leagues, exalts are at an all-time high.

I'd advise care when trying to invest into exalted orbs, as the market for them is extremely unpredictable in the current economic climate.

The Hunter's Exalted Orb followed our predictions fairly closely, rising up quickly to a high plateau that it currently still resides on. A small fluctuation is to be expected, around 50c or so, for the next little while, as more players start crafting and start getting into the higher tier mapping process.

They're currently sitting at an absurdly high 570c, as they're frequently used to create perfect Tailwind boots at the current moment, by using the harvest crafting mechanic. As the tailwind mod is the only "Critical"-tag modifier on Hunter-influenced boots, it's a guaranteed slam with the harvest craft and as a result, the exalted orb has seen a huge price increase.

Similarly affected by the chaos orbs low value, it further increased the prices overall. I would expect these orbs to stay extremely expensive throughout the league, barring any changes to the crafting mechanic as a whole. As a result, if you get one of these, check the weekly prices for hunter exalts and consider if it's worth selling or using it to make your own tailwind boots.

The Awakener Orb has followed the predictions from last week's episode to the letter.

It is currently sitting at around 570c, which is pretty much the exact value predicted based on last league's value and the slight increase in demand due to the need for additional double-influenced bases. This orb is also part of the current tailwind-boots craze, as you can ALSO guarantee an "Elusive"-slam, by using the same "critical"-tag slam craft from harvest, that you'd use for the Tailwind mod as well. As a result, simply having a Redeemer/Hunter boot and slamming the "crit" mod twice, will ALWAYS result in a Tailwind + Elusive boot, that can then be improved upon or finished up, through whatever other crafts you'd want.

They are likely going to stay fairly pricey as well, similar to the hunter's exalted orb, so expect the prices to fluctuate, but stick around the current pricepoint of 550+c for a while. Once more players get their awakening level 8 atlas setup, I'd expect the prices to potentially slowly dip, as more and more supply will become available for these. However, as more and more exalt/remove options become available as a result of the 3.11.1 patch, we will also likely see a further increase in demand for double-influenced items, further increasing the demand.

Whether or not the supply outstrips the demand or vice versa, will remain to be seen. My bet would be on the prices rising.

The Crusader's Exalted Orb has been sitting at around 380c~ for a while now and seems to simply stick around this area with a few dips and drops here or there.

The mods provided by it are very popular for a variety of builds, so I'd imagine the demand to not drastically decline any time soon. With many players also picking up physical-based abilities, the always popular explosion-mod has also been in fairly high demand.

The harvest crafting also affects this pricing a bit, as it's quite easy to acquire a lot of the desired mods of this influence in specific, using very common crafting options provided by the seeds.

Expect the prices for this one to stick around this area for a while, as long as any future patches don't touch influence crafting or makes the influence-craft seeds more common, of course.

The Warlord's Exalted Orb has seen a fairly rocky time in this league overall. It started off fairly high, like all the other exalted orbs, but has slowly but surely rocked it's way towards the 380c pricepoint.

It currently sits at that 380c pricepoint, but it is expected to reach the below-350c mark in the following few days.

We are likely going to see it dip further and further, as the league goes on, due to many starter builds being large fans of the modpool, while more advanced builds that are created later down the line in any given league, are normally a bit less reliant on the mods from this particular influence type.

Lastly, the Redeemer's Exalted Orb. As always, this orb is the least popular of all the exalts. It is currently sharing it's price with the OG Exalt, at around 190c, after a DRASTIC decline from the previous few days.

While the elusive mod for boots is very popular, the rest of the influence's portfolio of different mods is not exactly something that most players look for in their high-investment items. The new mods and skills added by GGG have also not changed this dynamic a great deal, which lead to the redeemer's orb being the least popular one in this league as well.

As a result, these orbs are likely not going to see a major change in their usual league-cycle, meaning they'll stay roughly around the OG Exalted orb prices, with a slightly higher average price per orb.

I'd imagine these orbs to be about 10-20% more expensive than OG Exalts, once the market stabilises itself a bit more.

As always, if you intend on buying any of these orbs just covered, make sure to keep an eye on this EXTREMELY volatile market.

Alteration Orbs have completely skirted my predictions and done the complete opposite. They were sitting at a comfortable 1:10 chaos ratio for the majority of the first weeks, which is a better ratio than any league I've previously covered on the chaos report.

However, due to the released patch that changed cluster jewels and the frequency of add/remove and add+remove crafts, alterations have skyrocketed and are likely going to hit a high-mark of about 4 or 3:1 soon. Due to a generally low supply of alteration orbs available at the moment, this rapid rise could lead to a major shortage and thus a huge pricepoint for the next coming days.

I'd heavily recommend avoiding alteration crafting for now, until the supply/demand stabilises and the prices return to a normal stage, which I'd expect to be around 4:1 or 5:1 for this league.

The reason for my mis-reading of the original alteration predictions is fairly simple:

I have mis-read the announcements from GGG and the teasers we got regarding the harvest league, as a more target-crafting oriented one, than a chaos-spammy one. I was expecting to see a LOT less chaos re-roll crafts than we have gotten in the actual league mechanic, which tainted my predictions for the alteration orbs.

Since everyone can basically chaos-spam their items and indefinite amount of times with no effort whatsoever, the alteration orbs, which are used to guarantee SPECIFIC high-rolled mods, just aren't as useful anymore to the common player that just wants to craft a bit of their gear every once in a while.

Alteration orbs have, of course, lost none of their value in terms of being the best crafting method to guarantee one or two specific rolls, but they definitely have taken a hit in their overall demand.

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Additionally, chaos orbs being devalued as a whole, means that the alteration:chaos ratio is also a bit more skewed than you'd normally expect.

The less chaos-spam is available and needed, the more alteration-crafting will be done and as such, the more alterations will be used.

The Ancient Orbs are last on our list, as always.

I don't want to toot my own horn here, but we were bang on with our predictions for this league.

As a result of the headhunter nerfs and the overall league mechanic scaling very little with the item in particular, the prices of ancient orbs have seen about a 25% dip from the usual league prices.

They are sitting at around 40c which is slightly above what we had predicted for the entirety of this league and will likely continue to stick around this point at average. The prices are currently on a slight rise, at around 40-45c, but they are extremely unlikely to hit the 50+c areas throughout this league, barring any unforseen circumstances like bugs or other abuses.

We will check back with this one next week, but if it stays around the area we predicted again, we'll likely drop it from the list.

I'll quickly give my predictions for the different maps and fragments for the overall league.

Shaper Fragments have, for the first time EVER, dropped below the prices of their elder-style brothers.

As we predicted, the heavy-handed nerfs to everything shaper-related over the past couple of leagues and especially the starforge nerfs for this particular one, have broken the loot-tables back. This resulted in a VASTLY lowered interest in people wanting to fight the Shaper as a whole.

The fragments are currently going for about 19-23c, averaging out to around 20c a piece, for a whole set going for just around 80c. Currently, every uber-elder fragment dropped by the shaper is worth more than the entry-price to the fight itself, but there's still very little demand for the shaper uniques as a whole, resulting in a very weird scenarion, where you can gain guaranteed profit by running shaper, but still not wanting to, simply because the time investment is likely not going to be worth it.

The jackpot drop here is still the Starforge, which is currently sitting at around 1ex, but is rapidly falling lower and lower. With it being an extremely rare drop however, many players are simply following more profitable endeavours.

My recommendation: Sell your fragments, unless you have absolutely no other choice or feel extremely lucky. The time invested into the shaper fight is simply not worth it, compared to even just running maps. Dropping one or two T15+ maps will make you twice as much money as the entire shaper droptable will likely do.

The Uber Elder Fragments are also at a fairly low price, as a direct result of the shaper fragments being so cheap to acquire.

The elder fragments cost about 30-33c and the shaper ones go for about 100-115c each. Thus, a whole set will run you about 270-285c, which is one of the lowest entry prices we've had for Uber Elder bossfights.

The loot-table is fairly decent for this league, as the eternity shroud of a very popular chest-piece at the moment. Additionally, 3-mod watcher's eyes are always worth multiple exalted orbs if sold unidentified and make up a large bulk of the profit you can make with each Uber Elder fight.

With exalted orbs being so expensive, chaos-orb wise, it could be highly profitable to simply buy up Uber Elder sets in chaos and then hoping for some decent drops to sell in exalted orbs, as a singular exalted orb will nearly pay for the entire run.

3-mod watcher's eyes are currently going for about 6-7 exalted orbs, or an equivalent of about 1100-1300~ chaos. For boss-killers, this is definitely a worthwhile endeavour, I'd argue.

We're likely going to see the prices slowly increase for the sets and drop for the loot, as more and more players will get access to elder and shaper as a whole, as they progress their atlas, making the fight itself more accessible across the board.

The Elder Fragments have seen their best league ever, comperatively to the shaper ones, as mentioned earlier. They're currently sitting at around 20-29c, making an entire set cost about 100c total.

The main drop from elder is still the 2-mod watcher's eye, as the other uniques provided don't really offer the current meta-builds much. However, the Chaos version of the Impresence, as well as the Physical version are still fairly alright, in terms of value, so you're not entirely bound to a singular item's worth, if you intend on farming this one.

I'd recommend running them, to be entirely honest, simply for the chance to gain that watcher's eye drop, which could kickstart a lot of your currency gains. About 100c per set is really not that much to lose, if you naturally acrue them over time. I would advise against buying sets tho, for obvious reasons.

The Synthesis Unique Maps have fallen by about 30c since it's last league pricepoint. They're currently sitting at around 40-45c and seem fairly steady here.

Due to a nerf to the unique rings they drop, which was their primary purpose and interest for players, the overall demand for them has decreased drastically.

They are still extremely worthwhile to run, in my personal opinion, as the synthesis map-modifiers can provide a large amount of value if you get lucky with the right ones and the rings usually DO still make back the money you spend on the map or would gain from selling it.

There are also still jackpot rings that you can get filthy rich with, but the chance to acquire one has drastically been lowered as a result of the 3.11 nerfs.

The Cortex on the other hand is as expensive as always, currently sitting at around 1.6 exalted orbs, or about 300c. It still provides one of the best boss-loot tables in the game, with the Maloney's Mechanism and the Bottled Faith, as they are still extremely popular and expensive uniques.

Akin to the synthesis maps, this one will likely see a rise in prices as the league goes on, similar to previous leagues.

Simulacrum Splinters and the Fragment itself represent our newest addition to this segment.

Currently, the splinters are sticking around a 1.1-1.5c ratio per splinter, resulting in a bought fragment price of about 405c. The fragment iself is sitting at around 470c for the convenience of not having to buy 300 individual splinters.

Overall, this is an extremely expensive fragment and should be handled with great care, as you don't want to start a Simulacrum you can't finish, at a pricepoint of about 2-3exalts each.

That said, the simulacrum itself is currently likely to be the most profitable endeavor in the entire game, when it comes to raw currency drops or wealth acquisition as a whole.

As we've shown last league with our Simulacrum episode, the drop-rate on high-value items, currency and fragments inside of the Simulacrum is unrivaled by any other league mechanic.

If you can afford it and manage to beat it reliably, I'd imagine running the Simulacrum could be extremely profitable at the current moment.

For most players however, selling the splinters in moderately large stack sizes, such as 30+, would result in a better option.

One last tip, for aquiring these, build up a HUGE amount of seeds in your garden as T1 plots, to then pop them all at once during a delirium encounter. While you're inside of your garden, the delirium timer is stopped, so you can spend as much time as needed to kill every single last mob. Usually this will result in A: a 6-reward delirium encounter, as well as B: about 30-40 simulacrum splinters as a result of the sheer amount of monsters killed.


The Kintsugi first up on our list.

As predicted, it has seen a rather large increase in popularity, resulting in a 6-linked version of it running at about 3exalted orbs at the current moment. This is likely an inflated price, as I'd imagine the prices to be more around the 400-500c range, but we will see how it continues onwards in the next episode.

The increase in popularity is due to the addition of the Winddancer keystone on the passive tree, which allowed many builds to easily and effortlessly pickup the very popular combination of the keystone and the chest armour, without having to sacrifice much at all in terms of passive points or keystones.

We will likely see an increased decline on the prices however, as there is nothing stopping an influx of them to flood the market, as they're not exactly the rarest unique in the game.

The Surrender unique shield is up next on the list, and has followed our prediction as well.

It is currently among the most popular unique items in the entire game, resulting in an extremely high price of about 5.5 exalted orbs, or a little over 1.0k chaos. You can acquire this one by way of the Uul-Netol breachstone boss encounter. The breachstones themselves are currently costing about 45c, which is actually fairly cheap, considering a singular one of those shield drops will net you around 21x the cost of entry.

Might be worth considering, while the prices for the shield are still high.

They are likely going to fall in the next little while, as more and more players start providing the supply for the shield on the market, as the breachstones themselves are not extremely hard to acquire.

One with Nothing is last on our current list.

As we had covered in the previous episode, this one has seen an extreme rise in popularity throughout much of last league. With the addition of the new slam skills and making more skills available to be used with it, as well as the nerfs to the fracebeaker gloves, this jewel has seen an absolute explosion in terms of prices early on.

It reached a peak of about 906c at the start of the league, but has seen a rather steady decline over the past following days, which is likely going to continue until the 500-550c pricepoint, at which point we can expect a short plateau.

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The best way to farm this one is still the Simulacrum encounter. Simply buy up splinters or the finished fragments and go ham. This adds to the entire "Great loot-table" situation I mentioned earlier with the simulacrum. It's REALLY profitable at the moment, for people that can run it.


We predicted that the newly announced melee league, was going to be the usual spiel from GGG in our last episode.

Announce melee buffs, actually end up nerfing a large portion of melee builds in the process, buff a few other parts to make them remotely viable and also, of course we can't forget that, buff the hell out of spell casters and summoners, because they clearly need it.

As a result, Melee character seem to be around the 5th to 6th most popular archetype in the current league,, as I predicted in the last episode.

Necromancers are, as always, leading the pack with a staggering 28% playrate, as they're still the easiest and most brain-dead (haha get it, cause zombies eat brains) build to play in the game and especially powerful at the beginning of a league, due to the extremely low equipment requirements.

Directly following are ED/Contagion tricksters and the myriad of differnet mining builds, with Ball Lightning being the skill of choice for about 80% of them. Tricksters are sitting at 11% and the Saboteurs are sitting happily at their 10% for the moment.

One last thing I want to point out is that the 8% Gladiator representation here is not actually a melee-heavy one. Gladiators are mostly used for bleed-bow builds at this point, which is why they're so high in the rankings in this league, as getting bleed-based items is fairly trivial with the harvest league mechanic.

I expect more and more melees to drop of the ladder as the ladder progresses into the higher level areas, due to the slow playstyle of 2-handed weapons leading to more deaths and GGG ALSO nerfing a large amount of defensive abilities for melees in the process of the 3.11 patch, such as Vaal Molten Shell, which was one of the only real defense options to stay alive with when you had to get in close and personal.

As a result, expect more and more casters and summoners to show up over the course of the league and more melee archetypes to disappear from the ladder entirely.

As for the Atlas Predctions, I currently don't have a lot to report here.

I'd advise focusing on maps that are quick to run, to get a lot of seeds, or simply go with the usual great-maps-to-run list.

A few maps in particular that look extra juicy with the exalt prices right now, are alleyways, arcade and precinct.

I had to do a LOT of research and experimentation on the harvest crafting for the following strategy segment, so I did not have enough time to really invest myself into researching the atlas and what maps are the absolute best. This is just my personal opinion on the matter as of right now.

I'll update you in the next episode with, hopefully, a more complete rundown.


With the Meta and Atlas predictions finished, let's move onto the strategy and discussion segment. I'll be covering the basics of harvest crafting here, providing a useful spreadsheet and showing some examples of more advanced crafts.

By this point, everyone should have set up a basic garden with a few plots, some storage tanks and potentially a Horticrafting Station or two. Which particular setup you chose is not really important, as long as you're able to grow everything you intend on growing.

In the background you'll see a quick runthrough of my garden. I will not be providing a layout for it, as the specific layout doesn't really matter, it's more about giving you a general idea of where things COULD be placed, so that you might be able to adjust whatever layout you ALREADY have towards a more efficient version.

That said, however, I'd recommend a garden layout that emphasizes storage space and T1 seed plots, as many as possible, over a layout that favours aesthetics or higher-tier plots. With the 3.11.1f changes, higher tier maps and especially T16s are dropping an absolute TON of seeds. From my own experience, you will require about 4-5 T1 plots of each color, to not end up sitting on seeds before the first ones are fully grown. You won't fill up all 15 plots, but if you run into a bad RNG streak and end up getting the same colored seeds multiple times in a row, you will require at least 4-5 of the same colored plots.

As such, have them at least in your seed storage, to switch out colors whenever needed, so you aren't wasting any growth cycles, if you aren't willing to re-do your garden with about 15 T1 plots in mind.

The colors of each seed correspond to their crafts and are divided into 3 categories for each tier, representing their appearance rate.

First are, of course, the "common" seeds. These will be what you will find most of the time, when planting any colored seeds. Then are the "uncommon" seeds, out of which you'll usually find a few in each full plot that you harvest of any given color. Lastly, there's the "rare" seeds. These will only show up every once in a while and you should do your best to use the crafts they provide to their absolute best potential or save them for later, as you won't get them very often.

  • Yellow seeds come with the following crafting options: — Life and Attack related crafts as the "common" options. — Socket changes related crafts as the "uncommon" options. — Cold and Speed related crafts as the "rare" options.

  • Purple seeds have the following options: — Caster and Physical related crafts as the "common" one. — Socket change related crafts as the "uncommon". — And Fire and Currency related crafts as the "rare" ones.

  • Lastly, Blue seeds have the following inclanations: — Defense and Lightning related crafts as the "common" options. — Link change and Unique Item related crafts as the "uncommon" options. — Chaos related crafts as the "rare" options.

Those only cover the T1s, but to be entirely honest, most players will not require a specific breakdown of T2 and higher, as the frequency that you acquire those with is so low, that you're likely going to simply plant every single T2 and up seed that you get anyway, so specifying which one is rare and which one isn't, outside of giving you the names of the absolute best seeds to sell, as I've done earlier during the commoddity section, does not seem like a worthwhile use of our time.

Just be aware that each tier of seeds gets progressively rarer as a result of only being dropped by the lower counterparts. You require fully grown T1s to drop T2s. Fully grown T2s to drop T3s. And of course, fully grown T3s to drop T4s. As a result, simply double-check the list provided earlier to make sure you're not willy-nilly planting extremely profitable seeds and using them for fun, when there's profit to be made.

Outside of those specific ones, just go ahead and experiment with them. Have fun, craft some items, make some profit with the crafts, or just slurp 'em for juice for the better seeds later on.

Moving onto the actual specific of the crafts, here's a quick rundown of what each keyword will actually do to your items:

  • Randomise = Divine Orb equivalent craft for ALL the specific mods with the descriptor given.

Example: "Randomise the numeric values of the random Physical modifiers on a Magic or Rare item", from the Purple T1 "Wild Hellion", will re-roll every VALUE of the mods on your item with the "Physical" tag.

  • Reforge = Chaos Orb equivalent craft for the ENTIRE item.

Example: "Reforge a Rare item with new random modifiers, including a Caster modifier", from the Purple T1 "Wild Ursaling", will re-roll the ENTIRE item, but guarantee AT LEAST 1 mod with the "Caster" tag.

  • Remove = Annulment Orb equivalent craft for ONE RANDOM mod with the given descriptor on your item.

Example: "Remove a random Life modifier from an item", from the Yellow T1 "Vivid Weta", will remove ONE random mod with the "Life" tag.

  • Augment = Exalted Orb equivalent craft for ONE RANDOM mod with the given descriptor.

Example: "Augment an item with a new Chaos modifier", from the Blue T1 "Primal Maw", will add ONE random mod with the "Chaos" tag to your item.

  • Remove and Add = A combination of "Remove" and "Augment". Annulment + Exalted Orb equivalent craft for ONE RANDOM mod with the given descriptor on your item.

Example: "Remove a random non-Lightning modifier from an item and add a new Lightning modifier", from the Blue T1 "Primal Dustspitter", will FIRST get rid of any mod on the item, that does NOT have a "Lightning" tag, THEN it will add a mod with the "Lightning" tag. This means that you CANNOT block suffixes or prefixes simply by filling them up with random mods. You'd have to fill either the prefixes or suffixes with 3 mods that each have the "Lightning" tag, in order to FORCE this one to choose a suffix or prefix respectively.

With those keywords covered, you will likely have started to already get a rough idea for just HOW powerful this crafting can be, when applied properly.

Outside of simply being able to essentially fossil or chaos spam items a near-indefinite amount of times, you can, for the first time ever in POEs history, Annul and Exalt TARGETED crafts. If you have been browsing reddit for the last few days, you will have seen some absolutely crazy items popping up, with literally all T1, best possible rolls and best possible mods on any given item.

This is due to the ability to use and combine these new crafts in order to create entirely new crafting ways.

Here's one example of such a new crafting way:

Let's assume we have a Wand, like this one shown right here. We're looking at some pretty decent stats overall and with any other league, outside of a double-veiled craft, a lucky annul, a raw exalt slam or simply bench crafting it, our options would not only be fairly limited to improve this wand, but also be entirely irrelevant, as players would never consider investing so much work and currency into a wand with an item level of 73.

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However, Harvest league changes this in a big way, through two specific limitations that are applied to each craft:

Firstly, any given craft can only be used on items, that are AT MOST 10 levels higher. This means that this wand can be crafted with any seed that is higher level than 63, but NO seeds that are below that item level. As such, a large hurdle of using currencies on these types of lower-iLvL items is gone. Where you'd save your exalts and annuls for the absolute best of the best, these crafts CANNOT be saved for the higher level items, due to this restriction.

The second part, is that crafts are (unless you have a near infinite amount of Horticrafting Stations) time-limited to the one instance that you harvested the seeds in, meaning you will HAVE to use it immediately or lose it.

These two aspects combine to make for some very fun and interesting choices, that would normally never occur if the crafts were simple currencies that could be used freely, such as an exalt or an annul.

Getting back to the wand, let's say we wanted to change the critical strike chance, as the Tier 4 roll is really nothing to write home about. We have a few different choices for crafts, in order to make this happen:

Firstly, we could simply "REMOVE" the mod with the corresponding "critical"-tag craft. We could "REMOVE" it with a "non-XYZ"-tag craft, like the lightning one mentioned earlier. Or we could simply decide to replace it with a different version of itself, or any other "critical"-tag craft, using the "REMOVE AND ADD" keyworded craft of the "critical"-tag assortment.

This particular one mentioned, comes from a Blue T2 Grain by the name of "Primal Viper". It is one of the most expensive and rare ones out there, so should not be used without proper forethought, especially as it's also a T2 and used in very very powerful crafts that I'll mention in just a bit.

However, for our purposes, we're going to assume we want to make this wand the best it can be.

As such, we will use the craft that reads as follows: "Remove a random Critical modifier from an item and add a new Critical modifier"

If you remember me mentioning it earlier, it will FIRST remove the mod that exists and then choose ANY mod of that particular modifier type. As a result, you can these particular crafting options to simply re-roll the TIER of a given mod, if it's the only mod of it's kind that a given item can receive. This wand however, can receive another "critical"-tag modifier.

The critical strike multiplier suffix, which we have hit with our craft, as shown right here.

With this one simple crafting operation, we've now changed a mediocre wand that had a pretty sub-par critical strike chance suffix, into a vastly superior one, featuring a critcial strike multiplier suffix instead. This method can also be used to re-roll resistance tiers, life tiers, energy shield tiers, physical damage tiers, etc. etc. The list goes on near-indefinitely, for as many crafting-tag types as there are in the harvest league mechanic.

One further use of this particular type of craft, the "REMOVE AND ADD" keyword, is that you can simply use the crafting bench to craft any given mod with such a tag onto an item that doesn't already have such a tagged mod, in order to then essentially "exalt" a mod of that type onto the item, by REMOVING the crafted modifier and ADDING an entirely new one.

Through this combination and many others, which would be way too plentiful to explain in this thread, it is possible to achieve crafts that were previously absolutely unimaginable. If you need some inspiration for crafts, simply head on over to the subreddit of Path of Exile and check out the "Item Showcase" tag and just look around in the posts from the last day or two. There's PLENTY of insane examples of the entire crafting system being applied, resulting in previous mirror-tier items left and right.

There are 2 further things I want to cover before ending this discussion.

Firstly, here's a quick list of seeds you should look out for, as they're potentially valuable and likely more worthwhile to sell than to plant yourself, unless you know exactly what you're doing. Keep in mind that for these seeds to be as worthwhile as possible, you will want at least iLvL 75 versions of the seeds, to make it possible to use their crafts on iLvL 85 items and lower:

  • Primal Maw Seed (Blue T1)
  • Primal Viper Grain (Blue T2)
  • Primal Scrabbler Grain (Blue T2)
  • Primal Blisterlord Bulb (Blue T3)

  • Vivid Thornweaver Seed (Yellow T1)
  • Vivid Nestback Grain (Yellow T2)
  • Vivid Vulture Bulb (Yellow T3)
  • Vivid Abberarach Bulb (Yellow T3)

  • Wild Chieftain Grain (Purple T2)
  • Wild Spikeback Grain (Purple T2)
  • Wild Bristle Matron Bulb (Purple T3)
  • Wild Thornmaw Bulb (Purple T3)
  • Wild Brambleback Bulb (Purple T3) !!This one is extremely rare and pricey!!
  • Wild Infestation Queen Bulb (Purple T3)

Secondly, I will provide a spreadsheet that will show you a list of influence-specific mods that you can 100% guarantee using the harvest-crafting method, starting specific iLvLs with the correct bases.

The way this one works, is that it shows the affix you can guarantee on the left, the second column will show you the minimum item-level requirement to roll the specific mod, the third column will tell you what specific item-type the base needs to have and the last column will tell you which crafting seed you need in order to guarantee the outcome. Note here, that it's NOT necessary to have an augment (aka. exalt craft) in order to get these. It's enough to simply use one of the "Reforge with guaranteed X-type mod" crafts at the specified level with the correct base, in order to guarantee the outcome mentioned in the first column.

This spreadsheet was NOT compiled by me, so it might contain a few errors, but from my personal testing and research it seems accurate so far. This table was created by a reddit user with the name of /u/TheSennosenMan, who, of course, will also be credited on the screen and in the spreadsheet itself. Thank you for providing such a valuable asset to the community!

There are a ton of different things that I'd like to cover, as the harvest crafting system is incredibly complex and the most powerful individual mechanic we've ever had access to, but unfortunately my time is limited and so is yours. As a result, I'll simply point you in the direction of further information or ideas to pursue with a short list of things for now:

  • Check out the subreddit for crafting guides on specifically "Tailwind" boots. The entire process is described in multiple threads there. Similarly, you can find guaranteed ways to get yourself an Explosion chestpiece as well.

  • Try crafting a few cluster jewels (especially small ones), with this mechanic. It leads to really easy currency gains, as there's such few mods you have to actually hit, that it's pretty easy to target and re-craft the ones you don't think are amazing. Especially Energy Shield and Life bases are fairly popular for this.

  • Try looking for items to re-craft and flip for profit. Simply search for an item that already is nearly finished, but has one or two bad rolls on it, to then use your own harvest crafts to re-craft them and make a large profit. Especially jewelry here is very popular, such as high-res but low-life jewellry, which can easily be re-crafted into the hundreds of chaos area with a simple "REMOVE AND ADD" life craft.

This concludes the extremely long strategy discussion segment of today's episode. I hope this what I have just mentioned made some sense to you and furthered your understanding of the league's mechanic, as well as the potential that it holds. If you'd like to see more information about harvest crafting in the next episode as well, such as exact examples of an entire crafting process or similar, please let me know in the comments down below.

The discussion segment is specifically there for me to provide you with the information that you request and require, so don't be shy about asking for specific discussions in the comments!


You can find in the comments down below… it's a long one, after all…



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