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The entirety of this subreddit is completely ignoring Heists scaling.

Content of the article: "The entirety of this subreddit is completely ignoring Heists scaling."

DISCLAIMER: THIS POST IS ONLY IN RESPONSE TO THE LOOT, ALARM METER AND GRAND HEIST COMPLAINTS. I do not like one shots, crashes, bugs or body blocking either.

With so much negativity in this subreddit in the past 48 hours, it's hard to gather one's thoughts properly to even attempt to write a counter piece, but here goes:


That's the tldr.


Tons of complaints are pointed towards the alarm meter rising to quickly, yet many people seem to conveniently forget that there's straight up characters (and map Mods) that reduce this alarm level substantially.

I'm not that far into my heist progress (most rogues have one lvl 3, rest one), but I'm already at the point where I can reliably open EVERY SINGLE STASH (either all the small ones, or all the big ones, or combination thereof) in every heist that I bring specific characters to. Especially karst is the poster child for this.

And yes, that includes killing guards to make the jobs go quicker. I ignore the mobs between each door that requires jobs, but kill the ones close to job doors immediately.

But this is not even all there is. It seems that all the people complaining about the alarm meter and rewards, especially grand Heists, conveniently ignore the entirety of the equipment system.

Not only does each character have 3 inventory slots, but each item has VERY POWERFUL effects.

Just a singular one of them can easily stack up to 20%+ reduced alarm level generation. ON ANY CHARACTER.

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For grand Heists, with just three of those items stacked, that's 60% reduced alarm rate.

And that's just ONE item slot, out of three.

Most of you have likely not even SEEN an item for all three slots of a singular character, much less spent a singular second to craft them and set up some equipment for your rogues.

This is not legion league, and it's goos that isn't. This is a progression league, where you progress as a heist boss, together with your rogues.

With them getting better and you pulling off successful heist after heist, you will all become more proficient at that exact thing, heisting. Represented here by LITERAL EXPERIENCE as well as the upgrade items for your rogues, which can substantially decrease alarm, increase rewards, make you tankier in the runs or increase your damage, etc. Etc.

Stop whining about every league mechanic and its balancing, before you even spend a single proper second to investigate the entirety of the mechanic.

Stop ignoring the MAJORITY OF THE LEAGUE, just to push your own story of how everything is bad and unbalanced.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.



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