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The first official GGG LLL (League Launch Lunch) was a success. The next one will be too.

Album of the food

Sappy Aside:
I was not expecting to see my efforts on the top of the subreddit when I woke up on Friday, and the kind words about me were truly heart warming. I've had a really rough couple of years, and finally feel like myself so it moved me to tears to see how many people recognized the effort I put into trying to be the best me that I can be.
End of Sappy Aside

Naming credit goes to: /u/gharnya

Thanks everyone for the support and for those of you who pitched in. ~1/2 of the total cost was covered by the community after the fact. If you still want to chip free to throw a couple of bucks via the donate link on my twitch (RichJMoney or via my paypal richmoney ("AT") Do not feel any obligation to do this, as I arranged this on behalf of the community, and I am in a comfortable enough situation despite the global crisis where the cost does not impact my day to day life.

For the next GGG LLL, I will treat it much the same where I front the cost in advance, but I will then set up a formal donation goal for the cost of the funding. I am open to suggestions, but ultimately if I'm putting the money down I'd like to have the final call on the specific details with regard to food and timing. This is mostly for the sake of execution to make sure it gets done. I'll reach out to GGG in advance to get a headcount and confirm timing, then share the details with the subreddit and via my twitter prior to the launch. I'll plan on doing these for the foreseeable future and will try to let the community know if I cannot for some reason.

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The only piece of constructive feedback I received from GGG was that the earlier the better with regard to food, as many of their staff arrive VERY early in the morning on league launches.


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