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The Forbidden Trove introduces harvest services and encouragement for helping others

Link to the discord:

Hello reddit, since last post we have added some features to the server that might be very useful in the current league.

Since harvest league launched, there has been an overwhelming amount of information needed to process, whether it's crafting, pricing, building, buying and selling seeds, selling all these harvest crafts and doing it reliably.

Our server currently has 6900 people, it's growing fast and we are making it our goal to make PoE easier for everyone.

We have introduced 2 new main features:

● We have launched a vouch system that is designed to encourage all users to help answering questions. Nowadays, when you join a discord or ask people questions, you have to rely on their good will to help you, and we wanted to make help become something more valuable by giving roles to people who help in the server. The server has rooms for helping in all sorts of things such as: builds, pricing items, crafting, delving etc. If you got help you leave a vouch in a destined room to the person who helped you, and these roles get collected by a bot and high roles are given automatically (and perhaps access to private rooms in the future).

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● Harvest services – All harvest league mechanic services are done in this room. As some of you already know, we have a room for vouches, 4 trusted roles, leaderboards, and everything to give players a good experience and the safest one we can possibly provide. We also have a room where people can sell or buy seeds in bulk.

The server has many other features, which you can see in our previous post, please come and take a look, we work very hard on it.

A few pictures from the new additions:


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