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The guild tag editor is utterly incomprehensible. Can anyone explain why it exists?

I've been playing a long time, but I just recently decided to make my own guild, mostly just to look at the UI and stuff. And oh my god when I saw the way you set a guild tag, my brain just melted.

For those of you not aware, it doesn't just let you type in the tag you want, like any other similar system in any game ever. Oh no. You have to "arrange maps" in the spaces to create your tag. And of course those maps will be destroyed, because that's obviously necessary.

But the craziness doesn't even end there. How do you go about arranging them? My first intuitive thought was that it would take the first letter of the map. Nope! Turns out each map has a unique code that corresponds to a character, which includes most of the standard windows alt-code stuff as well as normal english letters.

Here's a calculator I found that someone made. It hasn't been updated since 2017 so it's not accurate anymore in terms of which maps correspond to which characters, but it can still give a sense of how ridiculous it is.

For example, for a tag like ABCD you need the following maps. How does that make any sense?! Did GGG just assume people would use trial and error on hundreds of maps to eventually get the tag they wanted? I don't understand how a human person could make a tool so abstruse.

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And it even sometimes requires shaped maps, so you can't even just try all the normal maps, you need variants as well.

I know this is an utterly pointless rant because PoE is full of weird and poor design decisions, and ultimately this is a feature that effects barely anyone, but I just can't comprehend how it even got created in the first place, let alone approved and put into the actual game.

I can't understand how someone designed it, I can't understand how anyone approved it, but I guess I can (reluctantly) understand why it never got changed over the years. Maybe they should lean into it and use all available 1×1 items to expand the character set to all of UTF-8 or something.


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