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The Harvest league mechanic isn’t fun

I’ve been playing this game since the Perandus league launched and it seems like GGG is having a hard time finding a good balance between complexity and fluid playstyle. Leagues like synthesis you needed spreadsheets and hours of research. Leagues like Delirium where you just rush and kill with a time limit. There’s barely any middle ground between the two concepts.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the idea behind harvest was to introduce crafting to more casual/beginner players and here we are with advanced, min-maxed garden layouts and seed adjacency requirements. It was a great way to encourage crafting during the leveling process which I’ve done many times to improve my gear and I loved it, however, anything after tier 1 seeds is just tedious and annoying to use.

Ideas for improving the league mechanic and making it actually accessible for the playerbase outside of streamers and super hardcore players:

1) remove the seed adjacency requirements 2) remove different lifeforce requirements for seeds so the auto- plant button becomes actually useful

In the end POE is an ARPG and I think I speak for many of us when I say we don’t want to spend half a day researching how to efficiently play the league mini-game instead of logging in and killing things.

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I agree that crafting in Poe needs a change and improvement to make it more accessible, but the execution just doesn’t feel good in harvest.

If you like the league I’m glad you enjoy it, this is just my two cents.


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