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The list of Universal Min-Max

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Hello guys, since there's a new league coming soon and we will be receiving lots of new players to the game, i'm going to create something that i couldn't find myself when i was learning the game (And was sad that i couldn't find it haha) and i'll need your help, Reddit, to complete it!

Behold, the list of all possible min-maxes that should (and can) be done to your character, regardless of your build! I'll try to give a estimated price to every min-max based of current Harvest league market prices, but you shouldn't focus too much on it, since prices change a lot with the passing of time and popularity of items.

Currently, the order of the list is random, should i order it by difficulty (time and resources-wise) or by order of progression?

EP = Estimated Price

The list:

  1. Getting Better Gear – This should be the easier one to understand, you should get better gear as you get wealthier, specially if you use lots of rare items (since those normally are never 100% perfect). If you're following a guide, you should look for a section called "Current Gear"/"Endgame Gear" to see what items you should look for (EP: < 1c – hundreds of Ex)
  2. Quality your Gear – For starters, just quality up all your gear to 20% with your blacksmith's whetstones/armourer's scrap/glassblower's bauble. Once you've got more currency, you should get your gear to even higher quality values, using either Einhar's beastcraft with Craicic Vassal ( or Hillock's bench in the immortal syndicate (,_the_Blacksmith) (You could say that you can also use Perfect Fossils to raise Quality, but those are only available to items that are going to be crafted, not very suited for min-maxing of the gear of new players) (EP: 5c – 200c)
  3. The Fabled 6-link – Some of you might wonder why is it so expensive to get 6-link, all sources of 6-linking your stuff are really rare or take a lot to reliably get it, the reason that it is like that it's because of the power of the support gems. In average, adding a DPS support gem to a skill gem raises it's final DPS by something like ~40%, which is HUGE, making it a must-have for a lot of builds. As you reach endgame, you can buy corrupted 5-link and 6-link chest piece (with desirables mods) for cheap and then later gather currency to get the right chest or 2 handed weapon to 6-link and you're done (sources of 6linking: Orb of fusings (it takes around 1000 to link it this way(quality your item before you do it)), Fated Connections (it's a prophecy that guarantees it) and through harvest crafting (won't be available in the next league)) (Worth mentioning. there's also a prophecy that guarantee's a 5-link, it's called Jeweller's touch and they are somewhat cheap). (EP: 1ex – 3ex)
  4. Annoint your amulet – Choose a good annoint for your build (your check your build guide for it) and then use Cassia and Oils to put it on your amulet, as easy as that! ( (EP: <1c – 75c)
  5. Catalysts – Catalyst are quality currency for jewellery (rings, amulet and belt) and they're specific to a certain type of mod (, get all your jewellery to 20% using them, dont forget to use the right one on each item! (EP: 25c – 5ex)
  6. Better Gems – This should be a no-brainer, higher level and quality on your gems makes you stronger. if your gems have a awakened variant, use them (with 20% quality ofc), if not, try to get the gem on it's maximum status (normally is 21 lvl/23 quality, there are exceptions tho (always check the wiki for that)). There's really useful vendor recipes regarding this matter ( look for gemcutter's prism), you should learn them also! (EP: 15c – Dozens of Ex)
  7. Fix your tree – Sounds simple, but it isn't, you (or the creator of the build you're following) can make mistakes about stuff on your tree (not using a certain jewel, taking sub-optimal paths, taking worse notables when there's better one available, …) and that's normal, always give a second though on your tree, look at other peoples trees that are also doing your build, use the Node Power function of PoB community ( if you're feeling unsure on which of 2 notables you should take it, and so on. Also, don't forget to look for Thread of Hope/Intuitive Leap/Timeless jewels spots and watcher's eye/cluster jewels mods to further get your build better. (EP: … regret orb price times … the ammount of mistakes + extra jewels price)
  8. Enchants – There's three clear paths that you can take to get each of your enchants on your gear: 1. Simply dont get it, in exceptions of certain chase helmet enchants, the enchants aren't really thaat good, even tho they are a min-max. 2. Buy the enchanted item, as easy as that, be adviced that certain enchanted items are really expensive. 3. Farming Uber lab, the most time consuming way, boots and gloves enchant are really possible to get through pure grind, but for the helmet enchant you should keep anything that helps your build because since there are so many possible enchants that getting exactly is really unlikely. (You could also argue that you can use enchanted fossil to get the enchant that you want, but those are only valuable for crafting helmets, not for min-maxing new players builds) (EP: Not really sure here, but at least 100c per enchant seems like a good price)
  9. Perfect the implicts of your items – This one is a freebie, just buy and use lots of blesseds orbs on each and every of your items that have implicts. Blessed orb are cheap, and the perfect roll isn't that rare to get using them. (EP: ~5c per perfect item)
  10. Perfect the explicts of your items – This one is expensive AF, starting from the next league (since we're losing harvest until they rebalance it) the only way to perfect the explicts on your items are through Divine Orbs (18c each currently) and they are really random, making the process of "Divining" your items really expensive. Usually, buying the item already at good rolls is way cheaper them trying to divine it yourself. (EP: At least 1ex per item if you resort to get the good rolls by hand)
  11. Corrupting – By far, the most expensive min-max, the real good stuff of corrupting item is changing the implicts, since there are really good implicts available for each item type, the main problem being that you can destroy the original item by corrupting, losing a lot of currency. (EP: At least 10 times more that the regular price of the item)
  12. Utility gem setups – There are certain gem setups that can really enhance your build, and getting them right is a crucial step to raising your builds power. Some of them are: CWDT setups (, Guard skill on Left click button, Warcry on left click button, vaal auras (only the vaal part, no mana reservation needed), Fortify support on a attack travel skill, Ancestral warchief on melee builds, Wither Totem on Chaos DOT builds, etc… (EP: cheap, just sockets re-linking and re-colouring)
  13. Fix you goddamn flasks – Those things save lifes, get you freeze immunity, bleed immunity (this also removes corrupted blood), and other relevant immunities for your builds. You can always add immunites through beastcrafting if the target flask only has a prefix and no suffix ( (EP: cheap, just do it)
  14. Pantheon – Look, the patheon effects are good, you should pick the right major and minor gods (if you are uncertain, or the build you're following does not have a section about pantheon, i recommend using Brine king + Gruthkul on earlier maps, once you reach high tier stuff you should switch Brine King for either Lunaris or Solaris depending on your build), get 4 divine vessels, then search on the wiki where each of the bosses you should kill are (, and go capture them! (EP: 10c?)
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If you know of any other universal min-max that i'm missing or something that i got wrong,please leave a comment and i will be adding it to the list soon.Ah, and sorry for any Typos that i may have left behind, feel free to comment about those and i'll fix them too.

Thank you!

EDIT 1:Typos and Rephrasing


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