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The LITERAL BEST 8 builds for Harvest!

Content of the article: "The LITERAL BEST 8 builds for Harvest!"

With the introduction of Harvest came a few new interesting stuff such as "Arcanist brands" while certain skills got buffed or changed such as freezing pulse getting buffed and Magma orb getting changed.
This is all while certain builds have been nerfed while a few remain untouched.
Here are the top 8 Harvest builds in a descending order:

8. Arcanist brands – Sire of Shards – Spark
One of the biggest problems with spark is that you need to risk and put yourself in danger by being close to melee range but thanks to Arcanist brands you can put it on an enemy and go hide, allowing for a safe and passive play style that is effective.
Since the Spiders spawn on top of the enemy they will hit the target they are on and in room based maps such as haunted mansion this build really shines.
Sire of Shards gives you more projectiles, increased projectile damage and helps your brands to make sparks faster.

7. Glacial Cascade using Sire of Shards with combination with Arcanist brands
As of 3.11 and previous patches, light radius is one of the most broken and abused mechanics in the game allowing you to see more pixels in their true color rather than being in fog of war.
Hence we will be using Sire of Shards to boost our light radius and with glacial cascade supported by Arcanist brands you can proc quite often due to the fact that Arcanist brands DO NOT reduce cast speed and not only can you gather normal cast speed from the you can stack up brand cast speed too for even more cast speed to make this build shine even more.

6. Purifying Flames linked with Arcanist brand while having Sire of Shards equipped and said gems socketed into it
As you know Arcanist brands reduces the area of effect of a gem by 40%; However, using Sire of Shards we get to by pass that negative modifier as instead of having a big AoE we will not have 5 small AoEs which end up being the same while having INCREASED projectile damage.
As a bonus purifying flames gives consecrated ground which can be very useful to both offensive uses and defensive specially using Bottled Faith or Inquisitor Ascendancy nodes: Sanctuary and Pious Path.
The biggest problem i personally have with Purifying Flames is the whole "I need to aim?" issue, thanks to this build i no longer have to care since Arcanist brand aims for you.

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5. Sire of Shards, Arcanist brands + Soulrend
One of the biggest issues with Soulrend has always been "I NEED MORE CAST SPEED", well now thanks to Arcanist brands not having a cast speed reduction and having activation speed as it's quality and having band activation frequency nodes on the tree and cluster jewels really allows you to scale it up to the point you need.
Another MASSIVE issue with Soulrend has always been it's inherent lack of area coverage hence the Greater Multiple Projectiles support gem BUT thanks to Sire of Shards you can now save a link and put in empower or put in the GMP for even MORE area coverage.
Sadly your projectile range is limited but it's good enough that with 6 brands you can just cover the entire screen with so many Soulrend projectiles that you will never have to worry about your de-buff expiring or not getting renewed.

4. Ball lightning using Arcanist brands socketed into Sire of Shards
One of the biggest meta holes that players fall into is playing ball lightning with mines and probably a bigger hole is not playing it with Sire of Shards.
Some of the mine nodes have been nerfs and along side that crit nodes have had their power reduced which makes the Sire of Shards version of Ball Lightning even better.
Ungil's Harmony has gotten a really interesting change as well making it a lot easier to have Elemental Overload consistently up.
Sire of Shards is essential to the build as it allows you forget about the Reduced Projectile Speed support gem getting changed as you will have 30 balls at all times and all over the place as enemies move and Arcanist brands positioning is way better than 10 mins thrown at the same spot.

3. Arcanist brands in conjunction with Sire of Shards using Magma orb
Now Magma Orb with Sire of Shards has been a more well known build than any of the other builds on the list.
Sadly and Happily magma orb's Threshold jewel has changed: the sad part is that it is no longer good…at all but the good part is now you have 1 more jewel spots, YAY.
(50% less damage on first, 30% less damage on second, 2% less on third and 37% more damage on fourth bounce)
This build really shows how good the combo of Arcanist and Sire of Shards is and how much more superior it is compared to the old play style, you are no longer needed to dash into the middle of a white pack, get packed loss'd and die; you can now sit back and cast Arcanist brands and watch HUGE chain and MASSIVE AoE's all over the place and get packet loss'd in a safe spot and not lose 10% of your experience.
Sidenote: The first proc of magma orb does 5 times the damage + 59% more damage per brand on them due to magma orb's first proc being near the enemy it got casted on and it stacks since it's AoE damage and not Projectile damage, If you can get enough AoE and get the Orbs to bounce closer to their cast locations.

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2. Sire of Shards with main link being Freezing Pulse supported by Arcanist Brand
This is one of the most broken builds i have seen in a while.
If you have Runebinder and 2 brand on a enemy your linked skill does 70% more damage than if you were to self cast it, this means you can now freeze big and unique bosses way easier.
Not only do you do MORE damage than self casting it like a casual but also you have twice the AoE of Ice Nova while being even more safe than your average self cast build.
You even get to kill enemies that won't even get to meet you.

1. Arcanist brands and Sire of Shards abusing ….Bodyswap
This is a build that rivals Flicker Strike's level of "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?WHERE AM I?" and manages to actually beat it.
You see this is how it works:
You have 6 brands, each activate 3 times per second on average meaning you are gonna be in 18 places in one second doing damage at where you were and where you are (you could probably get it to 4 timers per sec getting to 24 swaps per seconds).
We will be using bronn's lithe for more gem level and increased cast speed since Bodyswap is a movement ability while we use the new and improved CHIEFTAIN ascendancy for more fire damage, HP stacking and most importantly of all LIFE REGEN; we use all of these with Righteous Fire as we get to have even more damage and burn things cause why not and we will be using doryani's belt for some resistances and leech.
This build is such a potent mapper that it will end the map without you even knowing what way you went and whom you hit.
This build is so strong that it manages to function even without Sire of Shards but we keep it on anyway since that "# to all attributes" is too rare and build enabling to lose.
Caution#1: sometimes you will do so much damage your brands will proc on dead enemies, making you dash around a few more times than needed.
Caution#2: sometimes you will be released from the swap chain but remember to not cast your brand at max range as you will be probably near corpses and not enemies and will be chaining on corpses plus going the opposite way you want to.

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Honorable mentions – GGG future vision nerfs: Creeping frost sadly has only a max number of 10 zones which ruins any potential for Sire of Shards with creeping frost and Arcanist brands to be a thing. I just wanted to let GGG know, please remove that limitation or increase it, ty.


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