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The origins of my new “Triskaidekaphobia” Divination Card from PoE: Heist!

Content of the article: "The origins of my new “Triskaidekaphobia” Divination Card from PoE: Heist!"

"Triskaidekaphobia" (TRIS-kye-DEK-a-FOH-bee-a)

The fear or avoidance of the number 13. It is also used to refer to the fear of Friday the 13th.

This Divination Card was born from the fact that the Delirium League, with a theme about fears & madness, launched on the highly superstitious date of Friday 13th. Coincidentally, it also happened to be my birthday, as I am too a Friday 13th child. It was a very nice present from GGG indeed!

The date’s significance has always been interesting to me for several other reasons: both as the perceived events to which people believe is all down to "bad luck" (Apollo 13 suffering its oxygen tank explosion on April 13th for example), but also the lengths people/cultures go to avoid it at all costs.

Delirium was one of my best leagues yet for both progression and enjoyment, and so I wanted to commemorate the very thematic release with my own Divination Card. After a bit of searching, I realised no one has done a Tier 13 Map yet, so I was prepared to settle with that, but then I thought about going further:

If I wanted to continue the theme and fear of the number 13, I had to include as many references to the number as possible to reflect the paranoia-inducing superstition:

  • Tier 13 Map
  • The card set requires a total of 13 cards to complete.
  • The flavour text is 13 words long.
  • Map Quality is 13%.
  • The Map is corrupted – you can't run away from 13!
  • 8 Map Mods (13 Total with 5 Delirium implicits)

But something was missing, and so I asked if it was possible to make the map come with 100% Delirium too, as if 5 random Orbs of Delirium (totalling 13 Map Mods) had already been applied. Delirium was new, and I wasn’t sure this was possible, but it happened – thank you, GGG for making that possible!

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I nearly went with making the map unidentified as well, but the reality is that very few players would even touch the map due to the possibility of instantly ripping to reflect; especially hardcore characters.

Hopefully, you all enjoy the card too, and if you manage to complete the set in this league, I hope your map conquer its fear and showers you with loot! 😀

Also P.S – thank you all for the fun with my Expedition theory and Fairytale League theory!


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