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The solution to endless future tabs is already implemented in Harvest

In Harvest you don't put a single new currency or fragment in your Stash. All seeds go into your seed storage, and you can even craft from your stash from said storage. If Harvest ever made it into the core game, I'd doubt they'd turn a complete 180 and turn seeds into items and require you to purchase a stash tab.

The skeleton of this system was already prevalent in Delve, where flares, sulphite and azurite were all 'currencies' that were stored in a non-stash container. I don't know why GGG didn't use a similar system for the subsquent leagues, but I suspect a technological/developmental issue over a monetary one (or maybe something involving development time). In Harvest, the capabilities of this system expanded to that of actual items that would overwise go into your inventory or stash, so it seems to me that its a clear step forward for all future leagues; All league related items would go into their own respective container and if crafting was involved, it would use a similar storage-to-stash proxy as it does currently. And for smaller leagues with fewer items, I would imagine that it may eventually even involve a ui/storage involving just the related master or even less.

The release of extra paid tabs does make me raise an eyebrow. If I had to give the benefit of the doubt, I'd say that however they coded metamorph, blight and delirium simply can't be translated into the same system (maybe for reasons like current items in Standard, how to, convert items that are already in 'item' form, etc) in the current state of the game without massive resource investment.

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I think people are right to be concerned, but theres a lot of witch-hunting, hand waving, antagonizing and volativity in this sub. But for people who are actually concerned about tab bloat, I really do think that GGG will expand on this 'seed storage' feature for future leagues.

EDIT: I want to highlight that the Harvest Seed Storage isn't the be all end all solution, but its a start: demonstrating that it is possible to have 'free stash tabs' that are confined to their specific league mechanic. Over time, there will of course be the same issue of too many master hideouts, too many seperate chests, etc, but it goes to show there are indeed other solutions outside of more marketable stash tabs or larger/more condensed stashes. And hopefully, if Harvest is any indication, this 'no stash tab purchase required' approach is one way GGG plans to go forward.


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