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There should be more bosses like normal Atziri

Content of the article: "There should be more bosses like normal Atziri"

Chris Willson has said in the past that GGG is very good at boss fights and that it is something that they plan to take advantage of in the POE2 campaign. I would like to see this extended to the end game as well.I like normal Atziri for a few reasons.

  • It is a real boss but it does not require an essentially finished character

Atziri is clearly way harder than a normal map boss if you face her at the intended level. This makes the fight mechanics meaningful and (until you have grossly out scaled the content) you have to learn what they are. It is also designed to be fought right at the start of mapping (area level is the same as a tier 3 map). This means you first fight her (if you do it at level) with a character who is far from finished. I think this is good for any character but especially true of characters that are intended to be end game boss killers as it gives a meaningful measure of how strong your character is.

  • It is easy to access

Sac frags are super easy to come by and if you don't have a Midnight, it is also super easy to target farm one by throwing other frags in the map device. Ease of access is important for a couple of big reasons. First, it is early mapping content so you will out scale it after not too long. Next, because it is easy to access, if you fail it isn't that hard to farm up and try it again. This helps with learning the boss mechanics, especially when you are new to the fight. It also makes failing feel less bad.

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  • There are reasons to do the content

Drops don't have to be extremely valuable but they are something that players want. Atziri flask is a great example of this. Sure not very valuable as a unique but it has a use in a good number of builds. A few other drops have uses too, though they are more niche or more early league focused.

I feel there should be a reason to want to do the content but at the same time, it should not be what you want to do with your maxed out t19 max delirium farming character for maximum efficiency.

I would love to see more low and mid-tier encounters that meet these criteria. At a minimum, I think there should be a mid yellow and low red tier Atziri style boss though ideally, I would like to see one for every or every other map tier.As a side note, I dislike the idea of low-level Conquerors being repeatable. While the fights do get incrementally harder, it is essentially the same fight. Something that makes bosses fun (to me at least) is that they are unique.

TLDR: It would be good to have easy to access mid map tier level, meaningful bosses


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