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They halved the cosmetics in the 30 dollar packs.

Content of the article: "They halved the cosmetics in the 30 dollar packs."

Until Heist, the $30 packs had points and TWO of (Back Attachment, Portal, Weapon Effect, Character Effect, Pet). And the $60 packs had an additional armour set and maybe a third thing from that list.

The $60 Packs are fine, they look great and I didn't take a "third thing" for granted. I'm glad they brought back having two "things" in them.

The $30 packs are not fine, not at all. Supporter Packs are supposed to have much better value than just buying 300 points for 30 dollars but this BARELY qualifies, you get ONE cosmetic for missing 5 dollars worth of points. I really hope we get two things again next league.

Why I complain more the second time this happens than the first:

With the character effects from the Heist Supporter Packs that evolve as you kill, I felt like maybe they overestimated the value of these and thought they can count as two. I said at the time that we'll have to see how that evolves (pun not intended). Well we saw it now.

Edit: Since people in the comments act like I'm some kinda GGG hater calling for a boycot, here's proof that I spent way over 500 dollars on this game over many years including 60 dollars in the last 2 days:

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I dislike the thought of having LESS CHOICE OF THINGS TO BUY if they make half the options each league have really bad bang for the buck. As the 30 dollar packs are now, Buying them instead of a 60 dollar pack or a core supporter pack, would be weird. They are bad value when directly compared to other things we can buy from GGG at the same time! I'm not even calling GGG greedy or anything, I'm just questioning if it's a good idea to have some options in their store be such bad value.


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