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This league is a piece of steaming mess

Content of the article: "This league is a piece of steaming mess"

In no particular order:

Heist disconnects, Soul Mantle ninja-nerf, shaders not working, Vsync crashing, cursor not displaying, Splitting steel not scaling, Hexblast badly explained/not functioning as intended, Lilly selling two Shattering Steel, problems with Sirus, logistical nightmare with 800+ gems released <48hrs left risking both PoB and Neversink, old uniques crashing the clients, Rogue harbor player collusion, stash tab 4 player at time only, Grand Heist last door bugged out, getting oneshot in Heist, ON DEATH EFFECTS AGAIN, black screen on login, other player MTX lagging Rogue Harbor, Heist Quest items bugging out, Blazing Salvo not scaling, Flame wall not working, Alva not opening temple, Vulkan getting worse league after league since launch, Abyss not spawning chest, having to micromanage crew members, DOOR OPENING BEING INTERRUPTED BY LITERALLY ANYTHING WHEN WE GOT TOLD IT WOULD BE A COUPLE SECONDS TOPS, players not getting challenge rewards, Heist portal not having enter/leave cooldown despite patch notes, Bane change not communicated, Heist traps activated during escape without options to deactivate them, skill showcases misleading using Inpulsa/7Links to clear, actively being pushed to NOT open reward chests during Heist and just run in/out, neverending mobs in Heist, ALLIES CANNOT DIE MOBS BEHIND WALLS, alert level HIGHLY inconsistent, BACKTRACKING TO MAXIMISE EFFICIENCY, endless amounts of graphical glitches/bugs, Pinpoint bugged, ASENATH'S FUCKING GLOVES BEING ABLE TO PK PLAYERS IN HARDCORE, knockbacks pushing enemies into unreachable areas, void sphere had one saving grace – Porcupines and that's not working, Shattering Steel proj travels random distances, Fortify icon bugs, YOU CAN ACTUALLY EXIT AND SAVE CONTRABAND ITEMS BEFORE ALARM GOING OFF, not being able to search for crew skill in the heist locker, doom not working with ailments apparently, Cremation visual problems, instance crashes IN HIDEOUTS, replica/new uniques not fitting in the paid Unique Tab, overtuned unique item rewards from early Heist potentially ruining the biggest competition as we speak, HAVING TO DATAMINE EXPERIMENTAL BASES AND SPENDING A DAY ON TAIWANESE WEBSITES INSTEAD OF THEM BEING RELEASED BEFORE LAUNCH, having to climb up the stairs for no reason, having another instance before entering Heist for no reason whatsoever, map related prophecies not spawning, ONE SHOT GROUND EFFECT THIS TIME BROWN ON BROWN COLOURED FOR VARIETY, contraband currency not stacking automatically after escaping Heist resulting in more micromanagement, actual non-Hesit related ROLLBACKS, invisible lab enchants, being able to lock your character out of Heist content if you don't do it at least once during leveling with happens only EVERY.SINGLE.LEAGUE.WTFF.

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My personal favourite: if you decide to take part in this buggy mess you can lose it all during escape because of a disconnect. I think there was only 1000 posts before Heist warning you, GGG, not to do this because you have a history of bad clients, yet you went ahead.

'The thrill of the escape' is what everyone was excited about, said Bex… I can't find the words to express my disappointment.

PS: please buy our newly released Twilight loot boxes, we're a small indie company*.

(80% of GGG belongs to Tencent which has a net worth of 68 billion USD. Sixty eight billion))


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