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Top 4 Reddit posts for karma farming at league start

The new league is right around the corner, and with it, a brilliant opportunity to farm – farm karma, that is! If you don't know where to start, I've collated a few useful post guides for you (with reference PoBs from past leagues) to make things easier. I've picked these four due to their ease of writing – you can often copy PoBs straight from previous leagues without changing anything, and they will still work fine.

Take these all with a grain of salt, of course, because we still need to see patch notes, but these have historically been very strong as league-start farming posts and are quite likely to be strong in 3.15.

Appreciation posts

Appreciation posts are a mainstay of league start because they are easy to write, extremely beginner-friendly, can farm most content comfortably and have a really fun, positive post-style. You just feel good writing these. There are a few variations, such as New Player, Casual Player and so on, but most of them are pretty similar in post-style with only a few sentences different.

The core build for an appreciation post is to start by talking about how much you're enjoying the league and how it's a breath of fresh air due to complexity, then follow up by congratulating GGG. This league you might be able to mention the nerfs have added a lot of build diversity. Note that appreciation posts are especially strong during bad leagues, because it lets you wear a Unique Opinion and lets you scale counteropinion. If it's particularly bad, you can respec to focus on a single good thing.

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Reference PoBs from previous leagues:

  • Ritual
  • Heist
  • Heist single target

Sustain Issues

Sustain issues are another strong and reliable class of league starter relying on the power of the CB keystone (Confirmation Bias). This is also a really beginner-friendly post, but it IS a two-button post if you want optimal karma. You need to complain about map or master sustain, then follow up with a guess that the league or expansion mechanic is causing reduced drops. This post-style is not for everyone but it's a very strong build if you don't mind it.

Map and master mission sustain posts are always playable, regardless of whether there actually are real sustain issues or not, because CB is so incredibly broken. By combining CB with GGGs history of actually messing things up, you can clear entire threads with one post. Map sustain issues have started falling off in recent leagues due to power creep, but the balance manifesto on awakening objectives might push master sustain to be stronger this league.

Reference PoBs:

  • Ritual (masters)
  • Harvest – (maps)

Post on Death

Trigger-based builds are just as strong out-of-game as they are in-game, and post-on-death (PoD) is no different. All PoD builds rely on dying in-game, then using your frustration as a more multiplier on the karma of your post. They are a very high-risk, high-reward post-style, as sometimes the frustrations just don't manifest.

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Post on Death Performance Issues

The elephant in the room – performance issues. Perf posts have been getting stronger and stronger as GGG adds new broken mechanics like bloom and texture streaming which give you a lot more options for things to complain about. The stronger your graphics card, the more effective the post, as your complaints hold more weight.

Note that it's possible these posts will be nerfed by league start if GGG improves performance, so you should wait for patch notes before deciding.

lol who am i kidding, post this on league start because it is going to be easy karma.

Reference PoBs:

  • Ritual
  • Heist

Post on Death Ultimatum too rippy

League mechanic too rippy is a classic bungle which GGG always falls into. Mechanics are often overtuned and do too much damage and this league is even more likely given a) the amount of nerfs in the Balance Manifesto and b) the intent of it being a risk-reward league. There's room in the tree to add Death Effects complaints or Death Recap complaints as well.

Reference PoBs:

  • Ritual (Sirus mobs)
  • Heist

Honorable Mentions

These posts are also quite usable as league starters, depending on the league, but I decided not to include them above because they're either somewhat situational, or require a bit more game knowledge to write. They're definitely still viable though, especially if you know what you're doing:

  • Trade complaints
  • Flask complaints
  • Confirmation Bias Harvest encounters
  • Tanky builds are great for Ultimatum
  • Low-DPS builds are crap for Ultimatum
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