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Tornado Builds just got absolutely murdered

Hey. Its me. The Tornado guy.

You might remember me from this post exactly one year ago:

And my meme Tornado build videos like this one:

Im gonna start off with the super quick tl;dr:

TL;DR – Swift Affliction change just murdered Tornado Builds to basically be unplayable trash, one year exactly later after GGG tweaked Saqawals to make Tornados a viable build.

This is the second time now GGG has effectively slammed a fun niche meme build with a fat nerf, and didn't even acknowledge they did it yet again.

The last nerf was when they absolutely neutered Phantasmal Haste to be borderline useless, despite the fact it wasn't an Aura abusable by aurabots or etc, so it doesnt deserve that nerf.

GGG had literally nothing to say on that and continues to leave Phantasmal Haste nerfed for literally zero reason. Go look up its effect to understand why its ridiculous how much they nerfed it.

But now this is… this one is pretty bad.

Swift Affliction: Now grants “25% less Duration of Supported Skills and Damaging Ailments they inflict” (previously 15% reduced).

Awakened Swift Affliction: Now grants "25% less Duration of Supported Skills and Damaging Ailments they inflict" (previously 25% reduced Duration).

This is EXTREMELY important, as they changed from REDUCED duration to LESS duration, and that matters A LOT

Tornado builds stack Reduced duration, and the stat gives exponential returns.

Normally the build hits 85% reduced duration, so this nerf drops us from 85% to 60% reduced duration.

To do the quick math:

Going from 60% reduced duration to 85% reduced is 62.5% Less Duration

So in other words, what this nerf effectively reads as, is they nerfed Awakened Swift Affliction from 62.5% Less Duration down to measly 25% Less Duration

And the scale of that nerf works out to about 57.1% Less DPS and 57.1% Less Life Gain for Tornado builds just from this one tweak alone

We just dropped from 10.10 Casts/Sec to 4.33 Casts/Sec.

Thats low enough to basically render Tornados straight up unplayable.

GGG You already nerfed this fun meme build once without any explanation or reason or logic, are you going to do that yet again? The build just went from "Fun and Playable" to "Literally turfed"

And no Im not talking about all the other support gem changes, Im not even including that, this is JUST due to the tweak to swift affliction

I want to know why. Why did you do that? Did you even know this nerf was doing this? Did you seriously think Tornado builds were broken as hell and needed to be nerfed by 57.1% (And thats not including all the support gem nerfs, but I am ignoring that because every build across the board got that nerf so fair is fair)

I think what makes me angry the most is the fact GGG does this sort of stuff and just doesnt even acknowledge it.

Like if they at least offhand mentioned "These things were too strong so we changed how they worked" or whatever Id at least know it was on purpose.

But this?

This just feels like GGG was out of touch with their own game. Shame.


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