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Totem Players Abuse Hotline

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Hi, my name is Tote M. Playor.

I am the figurehead of a small charitable business which provides awareness for victims of anti-totem discrimination.

"Ancestraphobia" (deriving from the original latin which roughly translates to "chad energy") is a bigoted affliction which many of those in the Path of Exile community suffer from.

For those of us who are drawn to the totem playstyle, we understand that it is absolutely NOT a choice and that it is ingrained in our very psyche. To suggest otherwise is a blatant display of Ancestraphobia and, according to the UN's declaration of human rights, should be considered a punishable offence in any written constitution.

Here are some examples which may indicate whether you (or someone you know) is suffering:

  • Someone may say, "totem playstyle, yawn," or "learn to play something else, you have already made 6 totem characters this league seriously what is your pro-" you get the idea.
  • Someone who you consider a friend may mail you a custom designed t-shirt with the words "Totems Are Shit" on it. (this is a documented case)
  • People may stop partying up with you. This can be due to several factors, including but not limited to:
    • A game design which does not favour party play (probably not)
    • Jealousy of your superior build (quite likely this)
  • A friend may send you a video of a prominent Path of Exile community content creator (e.g. ZiggyD) disguised as a happy birthday message but it actually contains a blatant anti-totemic agenda. (also a documented case)

If you or someone you know is a victim of Ancestraphobia then please do not hesitate to ring our Totem Players Abuse Hotline (TPAH) on 1800-6969-420. We provide counselling services, build guides (for Ballista builds to throw people off your scent) or we accept donations – mostly in the form of Chaos orbs.

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Thank you for your time. Please consider your words when speaking to your Path of Exile friends because you never know who may be playing a totem build.

And remember, you are never alone. (probably because of your 5 totems which surround you all the time)


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