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Toxic Electric – Volkuur’s Guidance CoC Ball Lightning build concept

Content of the article: "Toxic Electric – Volkuur’s Guidance CoC Ball Lightning build concept"

Sup yall,

I'm thinking about staring a series on builds created around underused uniques.

My first choice was Volkuur's Guidance – gloves that causes elemental damage to poisons on hit.

Here is my work-in-progress showcase:

Here is PoB:

This is my first poison build so I would love some feedback and suggestions.

About the build:

-> We use lightning variant of Volkuur's Guidance.

This cause our damage to poison on hit and also causes lightning damage to be 100% converted to chaos damage for poison calculation.

Volkuur's Guidance gives us only 20% chance to poison on hit, but we can achieve 100% through nodes on passive tree.

-> As main skill we use Ball Lightning

Volkuur's Guidance's big downside is "50% less Poison Duration" – this leaves only 1s poison duration baseline.

To combat this we want to use Assassins' Noxious Strike notable which has "5% increased Poison Duration for each Poison you have inflicted Recently" mod. Due to this we want to stack as many poisons as fast as possible.

This is where Ball Lightning comes in – since it pierces and hits every 150ms it can apply a lot poisons with each cast (especially to large groups or to bosses with large hitboxes). This results in a lot of stacks of long-lasting poisons.

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-> We use CoC Cyclone and Mjölner setups for "casting" Ball Lightning.

There are numerous benefits of triggering spells trough CoC instead of self-casting, but what tips it over the edge is the fact that we can use Mjölner to pretty much double Ball Lightning casts.

-> To achieve 100% accuracy and crit chance we use Second Sight + Lycosidae combo.

Second Sight gives us 25% more crit chance, but makes us blind.

Lycosidae makes it so that we never miss, negating Second Sight's downside and making so that we don't need any accuracy.

-> We use Temporal Chains to increase poison duration further.

I found that the best way of doing this is through Solstice Vigil Amulet as Curse Aura.

-> For clear we use at least one GMP and Dying Sun

This is to cover as much screen as possible. Can be replaced for bosses, but I didn't have to do that in my testing.

-> Since this is a poison build we can use Golden Rule + Poison Immunity combo.


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